First hand account from a pork producer on how bad the meat industry is.

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The author of this piece is a pork producer from Nebraska who has first-hand knowledge of what is not being said about the meat industry in the media.

In short, there will be extensive shortages in the very near future.
He explains why in the article.

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Posted by Jim Bartling on Sunday, April 19, 2020

Brief excerpt:

In all of my years as a pork producer I’ve never seen it this bad before. We have had bad times in 1998, then in 2008 when the swine flu decimated hog prices but nothing is going to compare to what is going to happen over the next few weeks and months.

With packers telling farmers they can only take a small portion of their animals and some are even being told they will not take any at all a huge log jam effect is happening.

Every week baby pigs are still being born by the thousands, they are normally moved out of the farrowing sheds and into nurseries and then on to finishing buildings before they eventually are shipped to packers. With buildings full farmers have nowhere to go with incoming babies. When all the building space is taken up there will be only one way to manage this problem. We will be forced to euthanize entire buildings of pigs.

Comment: This is why Trump is forcing the packing plants to stay open…so the entire meat industry does not collapse.




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