First the US, Then Australia, And Now CANADA’S Climate Plan Collapses

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Less and less people are falling for the lies of the global warming alarmists. After 30 years of predicting doom that never came the world is rejecting the climate fraud with it’s huge carbon taxes. First Ontario elected a climate skeptic that is ending billions in worthless renewable energy subsidies, and then Saskatchewan backed out of the carbon tax, and now Alberta does too. The leftist Supreme court of Canada denied Alberta an oil pipeline to the Pacific that left only the US inferior pipelines to transport crude.…bails-out/

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Germany and Denmark were the first to install huge numbers of windfarms. They have not reduced the CO2 emissions at all. They cost almost a trillion Euros, fail when the wind doesn’t blow, produce too much power when the wind DOES blow, necessitating paying other countries to take the power. And they have pushed the cost of electricity in Denmark and Germany to almost tree times the US rate. ONLY SOUTH AUSTRALIA HAS HIGHER COSTS OF ELECTRICITY, AND FOR THE SAME REASON, WIND AND SOLAR!

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California is going the way of Germany as you can see in this chart:



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