IBM Laid Off 20K Older Americans, Sought to Import 37K Foreign Workers

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Outsourcing corporation IBM laid off about 20,000 older Americans in the last five years, a new investigation reveals, while the tech multinational sought to import at least 37,000 foreign workers to take U.S. jobs.

A joint investigation by ProPublica and Mother Jones reveals that about 60 percent of the Americans that were laid off by IBM in the last five years were workers over the age of forty. This amounts to about 20,000 40-years-old and older Americans being laid off by IBM since 2014.

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At the same time, IBM has attempted to import at least 37,000 foreign workers on H-1B visas since 2016.

Looks like IBM is doing a good job making America great again.

Time to boycott all things IBM.…n-workers/

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