FITTON:HUGE Breaking: Judicial Watch Officially Requests OIG Investigation of CNN, Buzzfeed Leaks Designed to Destroy President Trump.

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by TFittonJW

Just filed it today and announced it on our Judicial Watch Weekly Update video here:

Acting AG Whittaker also concerned about CNN presence at the Stone raid:

Stone was indicted under seal on Jan. 24 in the special counsel’s investigation and arrested at his home in Florida the next day. A CNN camera crew filmed as 29 FBI agents stormed Stone’s house around 6 a.m. local time. (RELATED: How Exactly Did CNN Get Footage Of Roger Stone’s Arrest?)

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Stone has alleged that CNN was tipped off to his indictment and arrest, while the network has denied the claim. CNN says it sent reporters to Stone’s home after its Washington-based journalists noticed a flurry of activity at the federal courthouse on the day Stone was indicted.

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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham asked for an FBI briefing on the raid Tuesday. Graham asked whether CNN had advance knowledge of the raid and whether the FBI used the appropriate force to conduct the arrest.

Whitaker did not say whether the Justice Department has evidence that CNN was tipped off to Stone’s indictment.


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