Five ways to save on your energy bill this winter

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From Amanda Cuocci at Health & Wealth Bulletin:
Two weeks ago, the East Coast was in the grip of a winter storm. Even in Maryland, we felt sub-zero temperatures.
The winter storm (dubbed a “bomb cyclone”) led to power outages, water main breaks, and near-record power demand. That demand on power could lead to higher energy bills for millions.
There are lots of tips floating around to help you save on your energy bill. Some are myths… Like the idea that turning your thermostat up will make your home heat up faster.
It won’t.
But there are some tips that can actually save you money…
Lowering your water heater is a great tip. The ideal water temperature for a water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But many manufacturers set theirs to 140 degrees. Lowering your heater by 20 degrees can cut 6%-10% off your bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And if you’re worried about bacteria, 120 degrees is still considered a safe temperature for most Americans, unless you have a suppressed immune system.
In the latest Weekly Update, Health & Wealth Bulletin researcher Amanda Cuocci shares five additional ways to keep your energy bill under control this winter.

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