FL: New Bill Requires ALL Internet Devices Come with Pre-Installed Government Filter by Oct 2017

FL to Require ALL Internet Devices Come with Pre-Installed Government Filter by Oct 2017

HB 337: Internet Access

GENERAL BILL by Spano ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Berman ; Cortes, J. ; Edwards ; Fitzenhagen ; Yarborough

Internet Access; Prohibits covered businesses from manufacturing, distributing, or selling certain devices unless device contains active & operating filter that blocks Internet access to specified types of sexually oriented material, prostitution, assignation, lewdness, & human trafficking; provides for injunctive relief for violations; provides requirements for consumer to have such filter deactivated; requires filter deactivation fee & provides for collection & distribution thereof; prohibits distribution or sale of certain devices without filters to minors & adults; requires covered businesses to respond to reports of obscene material that has breached filter; requires covered businesses to unblock nonobscene material; exempts certain websites from filtering; authorizing Office of Statewide Prosecution to prosecute violations.

Effective Date: 10/1/2017
Last Action: 3/7/2017 House – Introduced -HJ 54
Location: In committee/council (CCS)
Bill Text: PDF

It means that any device capable of connecting to the internet will have mandatory hardware that collects your Internet data and filters out sites the government doesn’t want you to see.
There’s is an attempt to pass similar “anti-human trafficking” bills in almost every state.
Here is a link to the text of the bill about to be voted on in FL.
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