BREAKING: Closed Door Meeting At The White House – Situation With North Korea Fluid.

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by Pamela Williams
This is the latest report from a news source I trust:

As you can see we have a closed door meeting happening now at the White House.  The situation with North Korea is fluid, although the talk is President Trump does not want a war with North Korea.  Lil’ Kim  is moving ahead with his plans in a big way, and the United States must defend itself.  This is just a heads up for all IWB readers.
The following is a video made today with the breaking news on North Korea:
President Trump also had a phone call with Japan and China.   In his phone call with Trump, China’s Xi called for restraint from both Washington and Pyongyang, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, but he also stressed that China “resolutely opposes activities that violate U.N. Security Council resolutions,” and is willing to work with the United States and other countries to keep the peace.
Japan’s Abe had a 30-minute call with Trump to discuss North Korea, whose actions he called an “extremely serious threat” to international society and to his country.
“I told him we highly value President Trump’s attitude to show all options are on the table with his words and actions,” Abe told reporters at Kantei. “We completely agreed to strongly demand North Korea, that has still been repeating dangerous provocative actions, to have self-restraint.” 
Naval destroyers from Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force started drills with the carrier strike group led by USS Carl Vinson in the Philippine Sea on Sunday, and the South Korean navy is expected to do the same as the group approaches the Korean Peninsula.
In Asia last week, Vice President Pence said that “all options are on the table” for dealing with North Korea and its provocations, although experts say a military strike remains unlikely.
North Korea responded by saying that the Trump administration was “spouting a load of rubbish” with its calls for “browbeating” Pyongyang and its deployment of the carrier group.
“Such intimidation and blackmail can never frighten [North Korea],” the Foreign Ministry said, according to a report carried by the state KCNA news agency.
Another state media outlet was even more defiant, threatening to sink the Vinson, which it compared to a “gross animal,” according to Reuters.
“Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a single strike,” the Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party, said in a commentary.
There are continued signs of activity at North Korea’s main nuclear test site at Punggye-ri in the northeast of the country. Latest satellite images show trailers and mining carts at the site, according to the 38 North website, although activity does not always mean that the North Koreans are planning a test.
China’s Defense Ministry denied media reports last week it had put its troops on “high alert” near the North Korea border, saying it was merely conducting “normal training.”

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