We’re Still Losing the War. And Here’s Why

by Mark Angelides

No matter what Donald Trump achieves as President, and no matter what the outcomes of the Brexit negotiations, we’re still losing the information war. And unless this is won, all advancements can be simply undone or worked around by the next administration. Each victory that Trump wins, whether it’s the deportation of criminal migrants, the revamping (or removal) of Obamacare, it can all be taken away when the next agenda-driven candidate comes to power. It would be nice to think that the sclerotic rot of the CNC will never rise again, but it will. And when it does, the first actions will be to get the US back to where it was in mid-2016.
The reason that this almost inevitable, is because the campaign (for them) is still being fought. They still control the two key areas of communication: News and Education. And while they have control of these areas, they will continue to push the propaganda that the Presidential actions are divisive, ill-conceived and just plain evil. Until we change that, we are only ever plugging the dam with our collective thumb.
The media onslaught against Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, and almost everyone of importance who speaks out against the Globalist agenda is never-ending. All News Agencies are working in concert to ensure that not an hour goes by when they are not denigrating opposition view points. And this bile spills into the ears of millions around the world.
The parallels between 1984’s “permanent state of war” and the Left’s “permanent state of campaign” is all too similar.  
Our TV News is Left-agenda –driven (a vast majority). Our print and online media is Left-agenda –driven (a vast majority) and this DOES shape opinion. We are all susceptible to to the constant arguments and opinions that are thrust upon us (this is why many of us tend to end up on a feedback loop for news sites).
How many Trump/Brexit supporters as School Heads do you think there are? Is this because School Heads are “too Smart” to vote against the “agenda machine” or is it something else? Either way, the majority of schools are anti-Trump and anti-Brexit and only too willing to push their ideas on the young.
And just in case any get through High school not fully indoctrinated, then the colleges and universities will shame, bully, intimidate and expel, until the only people graduating (and therefore getting government jobs), are violent, leftist reactionaries, who can neither think for themselves nor handle the real world.
While they win on communication, nothing else really matters. We need to be campaigning, too. Not just reveling or dwelling on individual policies. All of us need to be talking, convincing, writing, promoting, standing for office, attending and getting information out there. Start saving our communities, one person at a time if needs be. Otherwise it will all have been for nothing. And come 2024 (or 2020), the needle will return to the start of the song (2016) and begin again.

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3 thoughts on “We’re Still Losing the War. And Here’s Why”

  1. An excellent article. The globalists have taken this world wide. When saying “Our TV News is Left-agenda –driven (a vast majority). Our print and online media is Left-agenda –driven (a vast majority) and this DOES shape opinion” you could be speaking about New Zealand. Our universities are left-driven in research and teaching. Any right-minded staff who dont agree either leave or keep quiet.

  2. Will you tell me with all this left control bullshit how the CIA has allowed that to happen after having complete control of the American media for fifty years?


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