From Now On, the Left Will Only Be Using “Clean Skins”

by Mark Angelides

Elections are now too dangerous to be left to chance and to the whims of voters, the Left has decided. Any candidate they put forth could potentially lose, and it will be “factors” that lead to a loss. “Factors” could include: past voting records, past affiliations, the surfacing of compromising emails, photos, acquaintances, past political stance and any range of things that a politician may have done over the years. But what could they achieve if they had a candidate with zero “factors” and no history? They could make of him (or her) whatever they wished.
Within the Security Services, a “Clean Skin” is a manufactured identity. Teams of very smart and very thorough people work together on this identity to create a plausible and checkable history. They will make bank records, cell phone contracts, tax history, employment history, a back-dated Social Media presence, obscure 3rd party internet references (e.g. insert a picture and a note of thanks to Mr. X for his charitable contribution in 2003), credit card receipts, a family history, references, and much, much more. Then the identity is adopted.
On occasion, intelligence officers may have to use their Clean Skins for several years (almost like Sleeper Agents) to create trust, or a “known associates history”. There will often be “friends & family” put in place: people who when checked out (“tickled”) will say: “Yes, that’s my nephew, cousin, friend etc…”
But what happens when the Governments start concocting Clean Skins to enhance their electoral prospects? Would the public ever know? And more importantly, have they done this already?
Emmanuel Macron has just won 23% (possibly 24% by the time the last vote is counted) in the first round of the French Presidential election. Under the Ballotage system, he will advance to the second round where he’ll face the Front National leader, Marine Le Pen. But who is Macron? Why does his past seem benign and one dimensional? Stories relating to his parents are like carefully crafted anecdotes that focus on single event to create a timeline, with just enough minutia to seem plausible. He is a virtual unknown who has already met with the EU commissioners and leaders of European Nations leading up to the election. How does an unknown candidate get invites that are normally reserved for the outright winner?
The European Establishment (operating through the EU), in fear of a Populist rise, has placed Clean Skins in political parties throughout Europe. They have mid-level positions in government (unelected) and will make no waves. There will be instances where they receive credit for “noble things” but will not seek the limelight. Then when a danger arrives (a Le Pen victory for example), they will step from the shadows and “miraculously” become the frontrunner.
Be on the watch for these dangerous people who sigal the death knell of Democracy. They are a weapon against the population, and their agenda is neither in your best interest nor what you may think you are voting for.