Flashback 2014 AG Eric Holder “You Don’t Want To Go There, Buddy” to Congressman!

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by Thinker

It would seem that the Attorney General’s office has had quite a history of not wanting to hand over documents to congress or committees when asked. Like Obama had said, “The only people who don’t want to tell the truth, are people with something to hide” To many things in documents that tell the truth no one in the Obama/Clinton administration wants Americans to know.

Its time for the men and women of Washington to be able to hold their heads up under leadership and not have to work for those who as history is showing have conspired against the people for self gain and power. What we hear in the video below with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is the same thing we are hearing in proceedings today. Investigations where the investigator is bias before the investigation even starts.

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Sen. Ted Cruz Questions Eric Holder About Abuse of Power – What Did Americans Miss?

What don’t the Obama/Clinton administration want people to know…the truth and everyone has plead the fifth and no indictments for the deep state losers. When they were in charge no one had to worry about jail or exposure, but Trump is in the White House now! What the sitting president is trying to do, is to stop corruption from within and a Department of Justice that isn’t one sided. How many lies can you count from an Attorney General who didn’t go to jail for his faults, but go another job. This was all supposed to continue under Clinton. Hearing without any results other than wasted time and tay payer dollars. Picking friends to investigate friends and the outcome is always favorable…

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