Florida Bill Would Restrict Scholarships for Majors that Don’t Lead to Jobs

A bill currently in Florida’s state senate would restrict college scholarship funds for students who select majors that do not promise a return on investment — such as social justice majors that are not expected to directly lead to employment.

Senate Bill 86, which would reduce Florida’s “Bright Futures” scholarships for students who pursue degrees deemed unlikely to lead to jobs, was approved last week by a Senate committee, according to a report by WKMG-TV.

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This means that students who have chosen “woke” majors might have to find another way to pay their tuition.

In the bill’s first iteration, students’ Bright Futures aid would be cut “completely” for certain majors, but an amendment adopted by the committee now has the bill reducing the scholarship amounts awarded to students.

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The report added that the majors at risk of reduced scholarship funds would be on a list of degrees deemed as not leading to employment, which will be created by higher education governing boards.



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