Nobody’s ‘coming after your guns,’ says Kamala Harris, who campaigned on coming after guns

As the Biden administration launches a new push for gun control, Vice President Kamala Harris insists that nobody’s “coming after your guns.” With Harris on record saying the exact opposite, will anyone believe her?

Harris scolded Republicans who equate gun control with “getting rid of the Second Amendment,” telling them to “stop pushing the false choice that this means everybody’s trying to come after your guns, that is not what we’re talking about.”

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Yet before she was vice president, Harris announced during her own presidential campaign that she wouldn’t wait for Congress to act. She asserted in 2019 that she would ban the importation of AR-15 style rifles, mandate “near universal background checks,” implement mandatory buybacks, and make gun manufacturers criminally liable for mass shootings, all by executive order if necessary and within her first 100 days in office. When Biden stressed during a debate that she had “no constitutional authority” to do this, Harris responded: “Hey Joe, instead of saying ‘No, we can’t,’ let’s say ‘Yes, we can.’”

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