For the past three months this guy has been writing article after article saying to buy oil. He’s finally decided to NOT buy oil.

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by adayofjoy

tl;dr Do the inverse of everything this analyst says. Now’s probably the time to buy oil.

So this guy has been almost consistently wrong telling everyone to buy oil in the past 3 months, and only last week did he finally say to NOT BUY oil (right away). Most of his articles are behind a paywall, but honestly all you need is the title.

Jan 4 (Oil $63.27) – UWT: It Is Time To Buy Crude Oil

Jan 7 (Oil $62.70) – OIL: Prepare For Oil To Shine In 2020

Jan 9 (Oil $59.56) – USOI: A Golden Time To Hold This Oil ETN

Jan 11 (Oil $59.04) – USL: Likely To Rally Through 2020

Jan 14 (Oil $58.23) – DBO: Prepare For More Upside In Crude Oil

Jan 17 (Oil $58.56) – OLEM: Likely To Rise On Oil Supply Risks

Jan 19 (Oil $58.56) – DWT: Still Not Time To Short Oil

Jan 21 (Oil $58.37) – OILU: Prepare For The Rally In Crude Oil

Jan 29 (Oil $53.33) – USO: Buy The Pullback

Jan 31 (Oil $51.56) – OIL: Buy The Bottom In Crude

Feb 6 (Oil $50.95) – DBO: Fade The Crowd And Buy Crude Oil

Feb 11 (Oil $49.94) – OILX: It’s Time To Buy Crude Oil

Feb 16 (Oil $52.15, it rose!) – USO: The Bottom Is Likely In

Feb 19 (Oil $53.41, end of dead cat bounce) – USL: Buy The Dip In Crude Oil

Feb 21 (Oil $53.38) – OIL: Buy The Dip In Crude

Feb 27 (Oil $47.09) – UWT: Buy The Bottom In Crude Oil

Mar 2 (Oil $46.75) – DBO: An Oil ETF For Times Like These

Mar 5 (Oil $45.90) – BNO: Buy Brent And Profit From OPEC

Mar 21 (Oil $23.36) – USOI: A Strong Buy During Oil Turbulence

Apr 7 (Oil $23.63) – OIL: Wait For OPEC+ Before Buying Crude. If you actually bought oil right after the OPEC+ meeting, you would have bought oil at $27.

Apr 16 (Oil $21) – Here’s What To Watch Before Buying DBO. He finally says to wait a few weeks before deciding whether to buy oil or not.

As of this time, WTI crude oil prices are at $18.27. Could they fall further? Maybe a little, but if the track record of this author is anything to go by, I doubt prices will stay this low for too long.

He’s definitely introduced a lot of neat oil ETFs though. Still learned a lot from his articles.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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