Former Police detective that wrote a book on a massive pedophile network in South Africa found dead in an apparent suicide.

by Orangutan


The book was released this month. The crimes covered the apartheid era and Bird Island, where they took the kids to abuse and murder. Sound familiar? This people are sick.

Will these crimes every be uncovered? What does the future hold if we don’t deal with this stuff now and for the long term.


The Lost Boys of Bird Island (2018) is a non-fiction book by Mark Minnie, a former police detective and Chris Steyn, an investigative journalist, both from South Africa. The book is about alleged corruption within the last Apartheid government of South Africa and a paedophile network whose most notable members were alleged to be the apartheid era defence minister Magnus Malan and the minister of environmental affairs John Wiley.[1][2] The book is named after Bird Island, in Algoa Bay just off the coast of South Africa, where the ring apparently operated.[3]

Background and synopsis[edit]

The book investigates a paedophile network that allegedly included prominent members of the South African government and business community who took children to Bird Island where they were abused, and some possibly murdered. It details the level of their involvement in the paedophile ring, abuse of the children, alleged acts of murder to cover up the crimes, as well as corruption and abuse of state resources by the network’s members.[4][3]

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The book and its revelations were widely covered in the South African media upon its release in August 2018. Shortly after the book was published, co-author Mark Minnie was found dead in his home outside Port Elizabeth from an apparent suicide .[3][5]

The link about the cause of his death located at the bottom of the wiki article in the reference section…



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