Fox News Marie Bartiromo Interview of Jeff Sessions

Anybody just see it???
Here is the Fox news Live stream! You can back it up
to see the interview: Comment as you will!
Basically Jeff Sessions is not in charge of the DOJ
Everything has been turned over to Michael Horowitz!
It’s like an autistic child being in charge of our most
import government office! Listen to Newt Gingrich tell
sessions he should not be recused and jeff sessions doesn’t
even understand it.
Then he blatantly lied about giving Congress more documents
than any other administration.
yet the congress says they cannot get a single document
from the DOJ
Dear Jeff Sessions, you are over your head!
The IG is not the head of the DOJ, you are!
Resign immediately!
First Lame Duck DOJ in US history!
Ed Rollins and Newt Gingrich just asked you to Resign for the 10th time
listen to them! You are totally incompetent.
h/t Jake