Gun control, Chiraq style: Felon accused of killing Chicago police commander

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Chicago commander paul bauer

Police Commander Paul Bauer: Killed by prohibited possessor criminal who didn’t follow the law

Chicago has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation. They also have a major problem with gun violence: In 2017, Chicago’s homicides outnumbered US military casualties 18:1.
Do tell, you members of the #GunControlNow crowd, how will more gun laws stop criminals?
From MyFoxChicagoA repeat felon with a decades-long rap sheet was held without bond on Thursday for the murder of Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauerthe Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Shomari Legghette, 44, is also charged with aggravated use of a weapon by a felon and drug possession. Legghette is accused of shooting Bauer multiple times in a stairwell at about 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Thompson Center. Legghette shot at the veteran officer seven times and hit him six times, Assistant State’s Attorney Guy Lisuzzo said. Bauer was struck in head, neck, torso, back and wrist.
Legghette’s bond hearing was held in a larger courtroom on the seventh floor of the Leighton Criminal Courthouse to accommodate the standing-room only crowd, which included Police Supt. Eddie Johnson. As Legghette was brought before a Cook County judge in gray sweat pants and a Bears T-shirt, many uniformed police officers looked on.
Earlier on Tuesday, Bauer, who was wearing his uniform, had attended “active shooter” training in handling mass shootings. He was planning to meet later with aldermen at City Hall to discuss his efforts to quell violence in his Near North District.
Bauer was unable to fire his weapon during a struggle with Legghette in the stairwell, police said. Bauer had spotted Legghette after he heard police radio traffic from tactical officers who were chasing him through the Loop. Legghette matched the description of a suspect running in a long, fur-lined coat, police said.
The officers wanted to talk to Legghette about a shooting on Lower Wacker Drive on Friday afternoon. Someone in a car had fired at a car traveling in the opposite direction, but no one was hit.
Police said they don’t know whether Legghette was involved in that incident but wanted to see if he knew anything about it. Legghette had evaded the pursuing officers when Bauer spotted him on the street running south on Clark toward the Thompson Center and City Hall, police said.
Bauer, 53, lived with his wife and 13-year-old daughter in the Bridgeport neighborhood. He was the distant cousin of Officer Martin Darcy Jr., who was fatally shot in the line of duty in 1982, authorities confirmed.
Bauer’s killing was the first time an officer has been shot to death in the line of duty since 2011.
Bauer is remembered for his efforts to reach out to residents of his district to hear their concerns about crime. He was outspoken in his views that the criminal justice system isn’t doing enough to lock up repeat offenders.
Not a lot is known about Legghette’s background, except for his criminal record.
News stories say he played high-school basketball for Dunbar Vocational, with 23 points and eight rebounds attributed to him in one game in 1991. But people who know Legghette say he didn’t stay on the basketball team through his senior year and was basically in trouble since then.

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9 thoughts on “Gun control, Chiraq style: Felon accused of killing Chicago police commander

  1. You simply don’t get it.
    Well thought-out gun control works.
    Just study Canada’s or Britain’s violent crime rates.
    Poor Chicago is in a sea of gun lawlessness in the US.
    They try but it’s a bit hopeless when you literally are surrounded by lunacy.

    • Now that Britain and Canada are are matching the United States in multicultural infestation, they are happening to deal with the same issues we Americans have had to deal with for years. Because of crap hole nations immigrating into Canada and Britain, they now have extreme crime problems. The only differences, they have no way to defend themselves against such crap hole immigrants. Thank God we can still defend ourselves in the United States, thank God Hillary is not elected president

      • Rather pathetic.
        You didn’t even understand what I wrote.
        Our rates and Britain’s are still extremely low compared to America’s.
        “multicultural infestation’? God, what ugly words. You sound like either an Israeli settler or a member of some American Aryan “Church.”

        • ” Police-recorded crime has risen by 10% across England and Wales – the largest annual rise for a decade – according to the Office for National Statistics.
          The latest crime figures for the 12 months to March also show an 18% rise in violent crime, including a 20% surge in gun and knife crime. The official figures also show a 26% rise to 723 in the homicide rate, which includes the 96 cases of manslaughter at Hillsborough in 1989.
          More alarmingly, the statisticians say the rise in crime is accelerating, with a 3% increase recorded in the year to March 2015, followed by an 8% rise in the following year, and now a 10% increase in the 12 months to this March.
          The accelerating rise in crime comes as Home Office figures show a further fall of 924 in the past year in the number of police officers, to 123,142 in England and Wales. This is the fewest officers in England and Wales since 198″
          I’m wondering if Sweden would still be the rape capital of the world if the Swedes particularly the women, could arm themselves. We Americans have always faced multicultural threats, that is why our Second Amendment protecting our gun rights is so important. My ex-wife was a Swiss national, I can remember her coming to Hawaii from Switzerland and saying how racist the United States was in comparison to Europe. That was 30 years ago, now Europeans get a taste of what multiculturalism is like, I note that places such as Poland and Hungary, and now even Germany and Britain, are pushing for gun rights to protect themselves. Europe will deteriorate much more in the coming years, I wonder what your position will be then?

    • Agreed, from a pure crime prevention perspective it would likely make sense to have more gun control.
      Unfortunately the anti gun-control side makes a very valid point too though: If a second Hitler or Stalin takes over the government, would you rather have all guns on the side of the population, or would you rather have an armed population that can fight back?
      If recent governments are any indication, that possibility is not as remote as it may have seemed back in the 1980s.
      I’d prefer a world without nukes – but if that’s not possible, it’s better if everyone has them to create the mutually assured destruction that prevented the Cold War from turning hot.
      The same goes for guns — a world without guns would probably be a better place, but if someone has them, it’s better that everyone has them to prevent one side from going crazy with them.

      • Sorry, but I just cannot grasp how anyone accepts this Hitler/Stalin type argument.
        First, America’s governments are so massively armed that some clowns out in the street with rifles and shotguns or even machine guns would provide nothing but target practice.
        A National Guard in every state loaded with all kinds of weapons, including armored cars and small air forces.
        State police. County police. City police, and some of these have the equivalent of military weapons.
        Then there’s national armed forces equipped to obliterate anything or anyone. A huge armed forces.
        Then there’s all the American security agencies – 17 of them in total, all armed.
        Americans are, whether they know it or not, likely the world’s most overwhelmed people on the planet with massive armies and weapons around them. Russia doesn’t even compare.
        And you really believe putting on some camouflage and heading out with a weapon could intimidate a tyrannous American government?
        You have to be on drugs to believe that silly idea.
        Good God, you had revolts enough times in the US – Detroit, LA, etc – and they all ended the same way with dozens of people shot dead in the streets. Forty-odd people were shot on the streets of Detroit in 1967 and that was just the local National Guard operating.
        And just day to day, recent research has finally revealed how many people in America are killed by their own police – over 1100 per year. I don’t see how guns have ever had any effect on the slaughter.
        In an extreme example, the bunch of far-out people at Waco were armed to the teeth with quite heavy weapons. They all died, and died miserably.
        Americans are occupied by their own government, yet they seem blithely unaware of it.
        Talk about opposing tyranny is a bad joke.
        By the way, you’ve already had some destructive horrible leaders – the example of Lyndon Johnson being a strong one. Started a major war, stole elections, did countless crooked deals, likely complicit in Kennedy’s assassination, definitely complicit in Israel’s 1967 War and the attack on the USS Liberty.
        And what band of Patriots confronted him? Zero.

        • You are truly ignorant, in a Civil War, elements of the government particularly the National Guard would join the right wing to protect gun rights. What soldier or policeman would want to give up gun rights? This revolution is spreading right now across your with right wing taking over even Germany as we speak. And when the right wing does take over the German government, they will allow the arming of the German public in preparation for the fight against Islam.

          • I guarantee I’ve read far more history than you, judging from your crackpot assertions.
            If you don’t know what you are talking about, why do you insist on still talking?
            Well, of course, Americans, many of them, are just given to doing that very thing.
            Just look at your unbelievably ignorant President.

          • Somehow I doubt that you have read more history than myself, you sound as though you have been freshly indoctrinated, accepting your hair looks rather gray. For instance, why don’t you name one of my crackpot assertions? Our unbelievably president, somehow in his ignorance, has been elected as president of the United States by the American people against all odds. Elected in spite of the opposition’s criminal efforts to use the FBI intelligence agencies to spy on Pres. Trump. I’m not entirely a supporter of Pres. Trump, although I did initially support his candidacy. I’m all for rounding up the pedophiles and the illegal aliens, but when you start lobbing missiles at Syria over fake news, now you’ve morphed from a patriot to a despicable neocon

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