French Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour Goes Viral After Promising the French to Reverse Their Replacement by Immigrants

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Captioned: The original viral video is below this video.
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Note: If you don’t see captions, click the [CC] button

Original Viral Video in French

Transcript taken from the captioned video at the top of this thread.

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My dear compatriots
For years, the same feeling has gripped you, oppressed you, haunted you
A strange and penetrating feeling of dispossession.
You walk in the streets of your cities and you do not recognize them
You look at your screens and someone speaks a strange language to you. And to be honest, a foreign one
You take an eye and an ear to your children’s advertising posters, TV series, football games, movies, shows, songs and textbooks
You take subways and you take trains
You go to stations and airports
You are expecting your daughter or your son at school’s door
You accompany your mother to the hospital’s emergency room
You stand in line at the post office or the employment agency
You wait in a police station or in a court
and you feel like you are no longer in the country you know
You remember the country you knew in your childhood,
you remember the country your parents described,
you remember the country you find in movies or in books,
the country of Joan of Arc and Louis XIV,
the country of Bonaparte and General De Gaulle,
the country of knights and ladies,
the country of Victor Hugo and Chateaubriand,
the country of Pascal and Descartes,
the country of the fables of La Fontaine,
the characters of Molière and the verses of Racine,
the country of Notre-Dame de Paris and the bell towers in villages,
the country of Gavroche and Cosette,
the country of barricades and Versailles,
the country of Pasteur and Lavoisier,
the country of Voltaire and Rousseau,
of Clémenceau and the “Poilus” of 1914,
of De Gaulle and Jean Moulin,
the country of Gabin and Delon,
Brigitte Bardot and Belmondo,
Johnny and Aznavour,
Brassens and Barbara,
of the films of Sautet and Verneuil.
This country both light-hearted and brilliant
This country that is both literary and scientific
This country so intelligent and whimsical
The land of Concorde and nuclear power plants,
which invented the cinema and the automobile
This country you are looking for everywhere with despair,
for which your children yearn without even knowing it
This country that you cherish and which is disappearing
You haven’t moved and yet you feel like you’re no longer at home
You have not left your country, but it is as if your country has left you
You feel like a foreigner in your own country
You are exiles from within
For a long time, you believed that you were the only one to see, to hear, to think, to fear
You were afraid to say it, you were ashamed of your impressions
For a long time, you did not dare to say what you see and above all, you did not dare to see what you see
And then you told your wife, your husband, your children, your father, your mother, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors
And then, you told it to strangers and you understood that your feeling of dispossession was shared by all
France was no longer France and everyone realized it
Of course, you have been looked down upon
The powerful, the elites, the self-righteous, the journalists, the politicians, the academics,
the sociologists, the trade unionists, the religious authorities were telling you that it was all a decoy,
that it was all mistaken, that it was morally wrong
But you understood over time that they were the ones who were being deceived,
that they were the ones who had it all wrong,
that they were the ones who were harming you
The disappearance of our civilization is not the only issue that harasses us even if it dominates them all
Immigration is not the cause of all of our problems, although it makes them all worse
The Third Worldization of our country and our people impoverishes it as much as it disrupts it,
ruins it as much as it torments it
This is why you often have a hard time making ends meet
That’s why we have to re-industrialize France
This is why we must re-balance our trade balance,
reduce our growing debt,
bring our companies that have moved back to France
Put our unemployed back to work
That’s why we need to protect our technological treasures and stop selling them off to foreigners
That’s why we must allow our small businesses to live and grow and be passed down from generation to generation
This is why we must preserve our architectural, cultural and natural heritage
This is why we must restore our republican school, its excellence and its cult of merit,
and stop handing over our children to the egalitarian experiments of pedagogists and Doctors Strangelove in gender theories and Islamo-leftism
This is why we must regain our sovereignty,
abandoned to the technocrats and European judges
who have stripped the French people of their ability to decide their fate
in the name of the dreams of a Europe that will never be a nation
Yes, we must return power to the people,
take it back from the minorities who never stop tyrannizing the majority
and from the judges who substitute their legal rule
for the government of the people, by the people, for the people
For decades, our rulers on the right and on the left have led us on this fatal path of decline and decadence
Right, left, they lied to you
They hid from you the seriousness of our downgrading,
they hid the reality of our replacement from you
You’ve known me for years,
you know what I say, what I diagnose, what I advertise
For a long time I was content with the role of journalist, writer, Cassandra, whistleblower
I thought then that a politician was going to seize the torch that I passed on to him,
I told myself to each his profession, to each his role, to each his fight
I have stepped away from this illusion
Like you, I no longer have any trust
Like you, I have decided to take charge of our destiny
I have understood that no politician would have the courage to save the country from the tragic fate that awaits it
I have understood that all these so-called competent were mostly helpless
That President Macron who presented himself as a new man was in fact the synthesis of his two predecessors, and worse
That in all parties, they would be content to reform when time is running out
It is no longer time to reform France, but to save it
That’s why I have decided to run for president
Why I have decided to ask for your votes to become President of the Republic
So that our children and our grandchildren do not experience barbarism
So that our daughters are not veiled and our sons are not submissive
So that we can pass on to them France as we knew it and received it from our ancestors
So that we can still preserve our ways of life, our traditions, our language, our conversations,
our controversies over history or fashion,
our taste for literature and gastronomy
So that the French remain proud of their past and confident of their future
So that the French will feel at home again and so that the latest arrivals assimilate to their culture and appropriate their history
So that we remake French people in France and not foreigners in an unknown land
We French are a great nation, a great people
Our glorious past pleads for our future
Our soldiers conquered Europe and the world
Our great writers and artists have aroused universal admiration
The discoveries of our scientists and the manufacturing of our manufacturers have marked their times
The charm of our art of living is the envy and the happiness of all those who taste it
We have had huge victories and we have overcome terrible defeats
For a thousand years we have been one of the powers that wrote the history of the world
We will be worthy of our ancestors
We will not allow ourselves to be vassalized, conquered, colonized,
we will not allow ourselves to be replaced
In front of us, a cold and determined monster will rise up that will seek to tarnish us
They will tell you that you are racist,
that you are driven by sorrowful passions
although it is the most beautiful of passions that drives you, the passion for France
They’ll tell you the worst about me, but I’ll hold on
Gibes and spitting won’t impress me
I will never lower my head because we have a mission to accomplish
The French people were intimidated, paralyzed, indoctrinated, made to feel guilty,
but they are raising their heads, removing the masks,
dispelling the lying miasmas, they are chasing away their bad shepherds
We are going to continue France,
we are going to continue the beautiful and noble French adventure
We will pass the torch on to the next generations
Help me, join me, stand up
We French have always triumphed over everything
Long live the Republic and most importantly, long live France

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