FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2017 – process, results – exit polls 5pm BST

by KneelB4Zod!

Voters on Sunday are casting their ballots in the first election in France’s modern history to take place under a state of emergency. Security has been tightened across the country with many polling stations guarded by armed police and soldiers.
Online news about ongoing electgion (in French):
The Spectator Index‏ @spectatorindex 60 min.
PREDICTION: Chance of making second round of French Presidential Election

Le Pen: 81%
Macron: 76%
Mélenchon: 25%
Fillon: 18%
French presidential election: Poll tracker and latest odds
Live updates here too:
“We expect to have exit polls from around 5pm BST, and an indication of the results around 7-8pm BST. It is expected that results will be confirmed by midnight BST.”
French election 2017: Why is it important?

More live updates (in French):