Staying Informed Of Events In An Environment Of Secrecy And Confusion – Gotham Shield? North Korea Missile Test? Government Shutdown?

by Pamela Williams
WE THE PEOPLE are sometimes left standing alone questioning what is happening around us.  Sure we have the news, but even Mainstream News Media is not trustworthy.  In the case of the Government Exercise Gotham Shield, which began on April 18 and will end on May 5, we have received no outreach from the Government.  We recently had power outages in San Francisco, New York City, and New Jersey.  I think these outages are very suspicious, and they have no material link to one another.  Where they terrorist related, or did they have something to do with Gotham Shield?
To me this is absolutely indicative of how little they care about us as human beings.  It is no small thing to simulate an EMP attack in the areas of New Jersey/New York City/East Coast.  All the major government agencies are involved, and if not for the Alternative Media and YouTube we would not really have any information.  In a world of compassion and respect, the cities and towns involved in such a simulation would be well informed.  Below is a complete analysis of the Operation:
On April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, state, local, and federal organizations alike are planning for Operation Gotham Shield 2017 — a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place.
Among the organizations involved are: 
– U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
– U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
– U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)
– U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
– U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
– U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM)
– State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
– State of New York Office of Emergency Management
– City of New York Office of Emergency Management
According to a purported official document describing the operation (pdf file), put out by FEMA, Operation Gotham Shield will do the following:
The purpose of GS 17 is to evaluate the whole community effort to prevent, protect from, respond to, and plan initial recovery after the effects of an Improvised Nuclear Device attack using established exercises to achieve objectives in the relevant mission areas and capabilities.
GS 17 will assess regional and national incident management and incident support capabilities, to include pre- and post-nuclear device detonation and recovery.
If this drill is currently ongoing, then it also raises the distinct possibility that the mass blackouts which have affected major US cities could be simulated EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects which would occur in the case of a nuclear detonation.
At any rate, there is enough suspicious US government activity occurring simultaneously at the moment for false flag watchers (or just anybody with common sense) to remain vigilant.
Here is the actual document for those who want to know the whole story:
You will be overwhelmed when you read the above document, but at least you will not be left questioning the Operation.
Source of document and analysis:  
The below video is not long, and you will be able to see a map:

Operation Gotham Shield, Massive Nuclear Drill in NY/NJ April 24th 2017
Thanks to Super Station 95 for Breaking the Story….…………………)
Google Earth
I have been listening to a video made by the Leak Project, who also made the above video.  It is rather long, but if you have any time whatsoever while drinking your morning coffee, please watch this video.  The man interviewed is the owner of the VIVOS X Point Company, and the website is:
This is an extremely exciting project, and there is much wisdom coming from this man, who is extremely enlightened in the understanding of what WE THE PEOPLE are facing now here in the United States.  He has made his fortune in investments, and he is now saying the best place to store your money, gold, and coins is in the ground.  He has created a bunker community in South Dakota, and he has every angle covered.  Although, some might call him elite, he is a very down to earth and spiritual man.  He reaches out to everyone…not just the elite, and he advises everyone to prepare now for we only have about a year before the “event” occurs.  He goes on to say his friends in the scientific community and some from the halls of government all stress we are running out of time.  He says the bubble is about to burst, and we will never come back from this.  He says to say your prayers, and if you can find a better place to retreat to.  The man has a lot of heart, and he said that many of his bunkers in South Dakota are large enough to hold four or five families, making it affordable for everyone.  His advice is, if you are going to retreat, remember these two words:  high and dry.  Please watch the video, because you will be so much wiser for it.
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Now lets look at the latest out of North Korea:  North Korea threatens nuclear war ahead of Trump meeting with U.N. Security Council.
North Korea released statements Saturday saying, “U.S. muscle-flexing can never browbeat DPRK,” threatening “a nuclear war” against the U.S. if it is attacked.  The statement continues:  “The DPRK will react to a total war with an all-out war, a nuclear war with nuclear strikes of its own and surely win a victory in the death-defying struggle against the U.S. imperialists,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman wrote in the message delivered by a top official at a military parade in Pyongyang on April 15. Of course, the official goes on the badger the Trump Administration with the same ole…same ole.
However the recent escalation in tension will be addressed in Washington on Monday. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will be in Washington for a series of meetings with members of Congress before heading to the White House for lunch with President Trump. The meeting will give UN Diplomats unusual access to the President.
North Korea made the following statement:  “The DPRK is a nuclear power capable of countering any option and means of the U.S. and will not avoid any options made by it,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman’s statement Saturday read. “The world will clearly witness this time the fact that gone are the days never to return when the U.S. forced its will upon other countries.”
I recently read that the US now believes North Korea has the missile capability of reaching the continental United States, but I  don’t know whether to believe it. How do we know what to believe concerning what the true threat of North Korea is?
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that the Trump administration is reviewing whether to add North Korea to the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism. On Thursday, the Security Council issued a strongly worded condemnation of North Korea over its latest missile test. The statement, negotiated by the U.S., included a call for “dialogue” with Pyongyang at the request of Russia. The non-binding statement was significant due in part to the support of China, North Korea’s closest ally. It sounds to me at this point officials are trying to bring North Korea into a dialogue, which I have said many times is the key.  Kim is dying for attention from the World, but in saying that, how can one make plans and trust a mad man to keep them?  He simply cannot be trusted.
The council said the following:  “North Korea’s illegal missile and nuclear activities “are greatly increasing tension in the region and beyond” and expressed “utmost concern” at its “highly destabilizing behavior and flagrant and provocative defiance” of six U.N. sanctions resolutions.
This is a very fluid situation, and, frankly, I don’t think the US can presume the situation will be stable even during a moment of communication between the two Countries.  I see this as the two countries are engaging in battle now…we are at war now.  To think not is foolish; thus, one fails to understand  the words of a delusional lunatic mean nothing.  Simple and clear truth will never be found between North Korea and the United States.  What this means is anyone’s guess.
Next, we have to look at the potential for a government shutdown on the 29th.  It seems top much to even consider, but the following does not sound good.  And if there is a shutdown on April 29, some are saying President Trump is the culprit.  The following video does slant it that way.

The White House ordered federal agencies Friday to begin preparations for a potential partial government shutdown after signaling President Donald Trump would demand money for key priorities in legislation to continue funding the government beyond April 29.
But the president and his aides expressed confidence that Congress would work out a spending agreement and that there won’t be any halt in government operations. Administration officials portrayed the order as normal contingency planning, stressing that the previous administration had followed the same practice as funding deadlines approached.
For some reason, I am very suspicious at this point.  There is too much conflict around President Trump right now, but President Trump indicates himself things are fine.  “I think we’re in good shape” on avoiding a deadlock on maintaining funding, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Friday. If this is true, why was the White House ordered to prepare for a government shutdown?
The following are issues that stand to divide our government and threaten a government shutdown:

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  1. Border wall – Trump needs $1.4 billion down payment – Dem resistance –
  2. “Sanctuary cities”- One of the latest threats to a bipartisan accord comes directly from White House budget director Mick Mulvaney – extremely critical issue – The former conservative GOP lawmaker has been privately urging Republicans to include a provision blocking federal grants for any city that doesn’t enforce federal immigration law. To Democrats, the idea is a nonstarter. But Mulvaney sees it as a chance to get his former House Freedom Caucus colleagues to back the bill, so GOP leaders wouldn’t have to rely on Democratic votes.The proposal — which could affect more than 300 cities nationwide — has been received coolly, even among some Republicans who fear it could backfire. Senior GOP lawmakers want to keep Mulvaney’s proposal out of the legislation, knowing an attempt to strip funding from so-called sanctuary cities would spur Democrats to abandon talks and put Washington ON A PATH TO A SHUTDOWN.
  3. Pentagon boost – While most Democratic lawmakers aren’t completely opposed to the inclusion of extra defense spending, many are wary of the president’s $30 billion supplemental request — especially as long as the White House also seeks $18 billion in cuts to domestic agencies for this fiscal year. That the request is included in the same package as funding for border wall construction has only further complicated prospects for the extra Pentagon cash.
  4. Obamacare subsidies – The 2010 health care law is again in the middle of a funding fight, but this time, it’s Democrats who are making an issue of it. Democratic leaders declared that any spending bill must provide money for a key Obamacare subsidy program after Trump threatened to defund the cost-sharing subsidies; the president sees the program as a way to force Democrats to the negotiating table.  In the wake of last month’s Obamacare repeal meltdown by the House GOP, Republicans are in no mood to further prop up the law. But key health and business lobbies, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, say GOP leaders may have no choice if they want to prevent an imminent collapse of the individual insurance marketplace. Another option is simply for the Trump administration to continue making the payments and avoid any final decision in the spending bill.
  5. Finally, we have Coal miners’ benefits – Congress was hours away from a government shutdown last fall over a disputed miners’ health care program. Now, the benefits of 16,000 retired workers and federal funding are again on the line. With coal-friendly Trump in the White House and a handful of key senators up for reelection, aides from both parties say they expect at least a temporary extension of health benefits in any final deal.

In conclusion, at least we have examined some of the pressing issues that plague us as American citizens.  Some say ignorance is bliss, but I would rather have answers to my questions than walk around dumb and blissful.  I am not one to accept lies, as I am not easily fooled.  As Americans this is not the time to accept information as knowledge unless it can be proven.


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