FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2017 – process, results – exit polls 5pm BST

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Voters on Sunday are casting their ballots in the first election in France’s modern history to take place under a state of emergency. Security has been tightened across the country with many polling stations guarded by armed police and soldiers.
Online news about ongoing electgion (in French):
The Spectator Index‏ @spectatorindex 60 min.
PREDICTION: Chance of making second round of French Presidential Election

Le Pen: 81%
Macron: 76%
Mélenchon: 25%
Fillon: 18%
French presidential election: Poll tracker and latest odds
Live updates here too:
“We expect to have exit polls from around 5pm BST, and an indication of the results around 7-8pm BST. It is expected that results will be confirmed by midnight BST.”
French election 2017: Why is it important?

More live updates (in French):


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8 thoughts on “FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2017 – process, results – exit polls 5pm BST

  1. The 2 winners should be Mélenchon and Le Pen — it’s the only way a EU skeptic will win the 2nd round.
    It will likely be Le Pen and Macron – resulting in Merkel clone Macron winning the second round because everyone else will unite against the alleged “Nazi” “extremist”.

    • Merkel the US/Israel apologist will be out of office in September. The US/UK can keep their dirty wars for themselves in the future and won’t be able to hide their brutal crimes behind the NATO logo.

      • I wish, but chances of Merkel being out of office are slim. And even if she’s voted out, the only possible replacement is Martin Schulz, who is essentially a German version of Obama — preaching Hope and Change and then delivering the exact same as his predecessor.

  2. If Le Pen does not win it will likely be because of fraud by the elite to keep her out. I hope they are looking at this world wide problem of races being rigged to keep the scum in power.

  3. Projected results are in. Unless things change, Macron (23.8%) and Le Pen (21.6%) are in the 2nd round, with Fillon and Mélenchon taking 19.5% each.
    This pretty much guarantees a Macron presidency – 2nd round will be roughly 70-30. Le Pen will pick up a few of Mélenchon’s votes (just like Trump picked up some, but not all that many, Sanders votes from “anyone but THEM” voters), but other than that, the 2nd round will be Le Pen vs. everyone who voted against anyone else.
    We’re not going to see any change there. Macron is a clone of Hollande and close to Merkel.

  4. “Due to an unfortunate computer ‘glitch’ at the polls, we cannot publish the actual vote totals and you must accept our assurance that your next ruler is the one you chose!”

  5. The Brits who tried to fuck up France, by sending a terrorist to commit a crime will get the BREXIT they don’t want.

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