From Airbnb to Tesla, it’s starting to feel like 1999 all over again. May end same way, Barron’s says in cover story.

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The current IPO craze is starting to look a lot like 1999 – BNN

Initial public offerings have been doing extremely well lately, bringing to mind the excesses of the tech bubble in the late 1990s.

Shares in Chinese toymaker Pop Mart International Ltd. jumped as much as 112 per cent in their debut Friday, after home-rental platform Airbnb Inc. closed 113 per cent above its IPO price in New York. JD Health International Inc. surged 56 per cent in its debut Tuesday while DoorDash Inc. soared 86 per cent in on Wednesday.



The Market Has Rarely Been This Expensive and Nobody Cares

Stocks are near record highs, with the market trading at levels last reached during the 1999-2000 tech bubble and just before the historic 1929 crash. And yet investors seem unconcerned.

BofA: Central Banks Are Buying $1.3 Billion In Assets Every Hour, Creating A “Frankenbull” Market

How did we get here? Here is the full breakdown courtesy of Hartnett:…


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