Fukushima Godzilla Strawberry

In this Nuclear Hotseat Update, a report on a guinness book of world records Strawberry is discussed.
Start at min 20:25 and listen to this report…..

8.82 ounces (3″ around)
Gigantism effect on food grown over 80 miles away from Fukushima.
The record-breaking fruit is a mutation of the Japanese Amaou strawberry and came about after multiples berries were grown and naturally fused together to form one giant strawberry.



5 thoughts on “Fukushima Godzilla Strawberry

  1. Great Balls of Fire!
    Heck, genetically modify that beast and you could feed three or four generations of the elite and their evil scientists with that thang!

  2. The Japanese government said smiling protects you from radiation. That’s no joke. The Japanese sheeple bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. The only group out there more sheep like than Americans just might be the Japanese.

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