Mysterious 150,000 Year-Old Pipework Discovered Under Chinese Pyramid

Who could have built such a complex structure 150,000 years ago, at a time when man had barely started using fire?
The Baigong pipes are one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world. They can be found inside a badly-eroded pyramid located on top of Mount Baigong in the Qinghai Province of northwestern China.
The crumbling pyramid once had triangular entrances on three of its sides but over time, two of them caved in and are currently inaccessible. The one that remains goes deep inside the mountain. Iron scraps and unusually-shaped stones litter the floor, suggesting that long ago, this place saw activity.
The only remaining cave houses an intricate network of metal pipes, with diameters as large as 1.5 feet and as small as a toothpick. Dozens of pipes run straight into the mountain, leading who knows where.
Some of the archaeologists who visited the site speculated the pipework could have once supplied water to the pyramid. Their theory seems to be supported by a multitude of iron pipes found on the shores of nearby Lake Toson. These ones are also available in a range of lengths and diameters, some reaching above the water surface, others buried below.
Intrigued by these out of place artifacts, the Beijing Institute of Geology analyzed the Baigong pipes using a technique called thermoluminescence. This method allowed them to determine when the pipes were last subjected to high temperatures. Analysis showed the pipes must have been crafted 150,000 years ago.
And the mystery goes deeper. Analysis performed at a government-operated smeltery was unable to determine the exact composition of of the pipes. Although the pipes were made up of ferric oxide, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, they also contained 8% unknown material.
There is no easy way to explain this mind-boggling discovery. Human presence in the region can be traced back to 30,000 years ago but was mainly comprised of nomadic tribes. It would have been impossible for a primitive society to leave behind such an advanced structure.
A number of theories have made attempts to explain who could have built these pipes and what purpose they might have served. An advanced but long-forgotten human civilization could have constructed a facility that required coolant, and the pipes leading to the lake nearby are all that’s left.

36 thoughts on “Mysterious 150,000 Year-Old Pipework Discovered Under Chinese Pyramid

  1. I’ve never heard of this technique called Thermoluminescence. Moreover, how is that used as a dating technique? I’m skeptical of this until proven by the wider scientific community of peers.

  2. Mostly hot springs deposited mineral salts containing iron and other metals where the hot water flowed to the surfaced. This is not news, people. Take off your tinfoil hats.

  3. Old Geothermal plant? Only if we would be smart enough to use them more today, instead of nuclear and all the other polluting styles of energy. Seems ‘humans’ of earth have a long history of excelling, then falling back to our rotating, stupid ways. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to at least see that!

  4. Forbidden Archaeology by world renowned researcher Michael Cremo presents INDISPUTABLE proof of advanced civilizations more than 500 million years ago! It only SEEMS impossible because it’s been HIDDEN – ie FORBIDDEN! See for yourself! The Darwin Theory of history reign$ $upreme as it excuses war and all barbarism as ‘natural’, so all evidence of highly advanced, PEACEFUL ancient cultures are labeled OOPARTS and dumped in warehouses away from public scrutiny. ‘Out Of Place ARTifactS’ – yeah,out of place in Darwin’s Dogma WONderland! Survival of he Twittest! ‘Did someone say landmine?’ asked the Mad Hatter 300.. KABOOM.
    Even the starkly OBVIOUS Bosnian Pyramids are laughably called ‘natural formations’ by official sellout scientwits whose motto appears to be ‘Believe our lies, not your lying eyes – we’ve got a family to feed!’ To its credit Smithsonian Mag doesn’t pretend to ‘debunk’ the Pyramids.. But to acknowledge them officially is to acknowledge that Darwin was wrong and humanity may actually be DEvolving at this point – ESPECIALLY the $pecial 1%.
    Could this be the start of the Age of Kali Yuga described in the Vedas? Makes sense, considering the coming cuckoo ‘Technocracy’ brrrrr…
    more TRUTHFUL, FACTUAL info..
    Technocracy Rising, Patrick Wood YIKES!
    Wood on Caravan To Midnight – easy listening on a terrifying topic:

    • I think we’ve been in the Kali Yuga age for a long time evidenced by the neverending wars that’s probably going to end with the Kali blowing herself to bits or slowing extinguishing from radiation

  5. The extreme vanity of humanity is incredible. We find this amazing collection of pipes, etc., date it back to 150k years ago – and then we start to argue about WHICH HUMAN CIVILIZATION may have fashioned it?
    There is nothing to prevent other creatures having risen to technological heights, and then destroyed their civilization themselves or a natural disaster destroyed it. Perhaps it was an Angelic Civilization – after all the Bible tells us that God created the Angels LONG before he made mankind as we know him to be. Or perhaps something else we cannot even imagine lived on this planet long ago and achieved a technological level we can only dream of today.
    We may never know who created these pipes. But to assume it was human is a huge mistake based only on our own incredible ego and vanity.

  6. wow its only taken two decades for this discovery to finally be addressed. does that mean that we are going to look at the south african ruins that privately the best archaelologists in dating have said are over a 100,000 years old but are too scared to attatch their names to it. what about the chilean ruins that the best geologists in the world have admitted that there is no way to prove they aren’t manmade, and well over 50,000 to 100,000 years old. what about the gigantic ruins in siberia which dwarf everything in the middle east. as well as the lines in siberia which are much larger than nasca

    • it is quite strange that Archeologists won’t acknowledge clear evidence that Humans have been around a lot longer than the official paradigm teaches us. There are artefacts all over the world pointing to advanced civilisations even millions of years old.

  7. was before us civilizations very advanced .The cretinus scientist are addicted to grant money and are terrorize when is about questioning the Darwin theory validity .Old history has to be rewrite by honest and genuine researcher .out of politic .

  8. Homo Erectus of 1.5 million years ago began controlling fire. The statement that humans had barely started using fire 150,000 years ago is way off.

  9. Saw a picture earlier of a Chinese pyramid with pipes coming out of its lower side. Don’t know if this is the same one, since there is no picture of it, and it says the pipes were underneath. I haven’t been able to find the article that showed that pyramid.
    In the mean time, there are some that say the earliest pyramids were actually nuclear generators of some sort.
    What we do know of the Great pyramid is that it generated electricity, and part of the process consisted of water running though a honeycombed grid though the foundations underneath part of the plaza, with stonework tuned to certain frequencies.
    Could it have had a water ram ofsome sort internally? With sound and other vibraton being converted to electricity by crystals? And the whole of the Pyramid acting as a giant capacitor, expecially if the top was covered with a layer of gold plate.

  10. Having theories overrule observations is a disease eating our science.
    It is like the mystery of investmentwatchblog. It is not easy to explain who wrote these articles as we know they cant read or write…. Maybe aliens?
    If you think that is offensive wait till you see such arguments in full blown chauvinism.

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