Alpha Bank in Greece is freezing funds, no transfers, no Internet Banking over this weekend. Lines forming at ATM's! GREEKS LINING UP at ATM'S at the moment. Multiple Pics inside!

Greece’s Alpha Bank Freezes e-Transfers until Monday

It’s 2 In The Morning And Greeks Are Lining Up At ATMs; Alpha Limits Online Banking

Because correlation does not equal causation, we present the following with no comment other than to note that according to Goldman’s estimates (shown below), Alpha Bank, which has announced that web banking will “operate with limited functionality” over the weekend, happens to have the smallest ELA buffer of the four major Greek banks.
And of course, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has just called for a referendum on euro membership to be held next Sunday.
Draw your own conclusions.

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Well, The referendum is not about Euro at all. It will have these two options:
1) yes to the measures of lenders
2) No to the measures of lenders
Its simple.
If there is going to be any default.. it will be inside Euro for sure. And the desaster will have global impact. Domino effect..



8 thoughts on “Alpha Bank in Greece is freezing funds, no transfers, no Internet Banking over this weekend. Lines forming at ATM's! GREEKS LINING UP at ATM'S at the moment. Multiple Pics inside!”

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  3. Americans are pure “DUMB”! They won’t get it, and even more don’t even know this is happening. If something happens beyond the view and scope of their living rooms, work area, or mainstream TV, they are clueless and completely uninformed.
    Then, if you even attempt to make them knowledgeable about it, they say you are a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.
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  4. Hi! Patrons Of Investment Watch Et. Al.:
    The IMF is set up to not initially call any unpaid-up nation into default but into arrears which is a lot different in its’ overall connotation than default would be isn’t it, because NO nation can have it both ways: arrears and default simultaneously could it? The IMF uses two years of arrears to attempt to hash out a reconciliation which puts the issue off entirely until sometime until later in 2017 doesn’t it so why are so many people panicky now? Readers, please don’t set yourselves up for a great fall taking place within your coveted retirement accounts, OK? Please take cover and prosper!!
    RUSS SMITH, CA.(One Of Our Woeful, Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)


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