Fun Fact, 1 President and 3 Future Presidents were all in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

by jetty42

Maybe conspiracy connoisseurs already knew this but the last one listed below was news to me.

  • JFK
  • Lyndon Johnson (Speaking at the Pepsi Bottlers annual convention.)
  • George HW Bush (this is more speculative, but it seems to be accepted by followers of the JFK that he was in Dallas working. His inability to remember where he was, the day Kennedy was shot, only increases suspicions he was there for nefarious purposes.)
  • Richard M. Nixon (RMN) – This was news to me. It is also apparently public knowledge as his visit and speech to Pepsi Bottlers the day before is documented in various newspapers.

Family of Secrets – A Worthwhile Read

I have been reading book excerpts and watching videos by Investigative Journalist Russ Baker (he is a Mainstream Reporter and not some fringe guy if that is what your assuming.)

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years(Published 2009.)

Youtube also has a number of Book Review type interviews with Russ Baker that are interesting.

In any event, the Book provides some very interesting context to some seemingly unrelated events by examining the whereabouts, motivations, history, friends and abilities of George HW Bush (“Poppy”).

For example, how did JFK and 3 future Presidents all end up in Dallas on the same day, especially Nixon and presumably Bush?

Nixon apparently left Dallas early in the morning of Nov. 22 and was in the air when Kennedy was killed. He found out when he landed and as one can imagine, Nixon was very disturbed that he was in the same city as his supposed political “nemesis”. Those are some bad optics, if nothing else.

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It is interesting how Nixon ended up in Dallas that day though. He was invited several weeks earlier at the behest of a friend and Pepsi Executive Donald Kendall. In addition to being close to Nixon, Kendall seems to have had some pretty close ties to the Bush family.

Kendall was a close friend of the Bush family and a fellow resident of Greenwich, Connecticut. In 1988, he would serve in the crucial position of finance chairman for Poppy Bush’s successful run for the presidency.

So much has been written about the Kennedy assassination that the book’s dive into the JFK conspiracy might be interesting, but not necessarily completely stacked with new revelations. (It’s very interesting how Johnson ended up in Dallas, too.)


The information about Watergate was much more intriguing and it really makes one wonder about the Bush Dynasty, especially “Poppy.”

To keep this short, Poppy seems to have been more intimately involved in pushing the Watergate story, and Nixon’s eventual resignation, as a member of Nixon’s administration. You can start to conclude that not only did Poppy have a hand in JFK’s death, but also setting up Nixon (an already paranoid type) to take the fall for the Watergate Burglaries that seem to have been set up by Poppy himself.

Moreover, if Poppy really did take down both JFK and RMN, the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1980 seems more suspicious than what the history books have always reported or coincidences that have long been swept under the rug.

Finally, since Reagan lived, the Iran Contra scandal is worth another look in the context of Poppy’s proclivity to make President’s go away.

Here are three Chapters Excerpted from “Family of Secrets”. These Chapters mostly focus on Watergate.


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