Fusion GPS – The firm that came up with the Fake Trump report is also the firm that claimed the Planned Parenthood Videos were Deceptively Edited

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Fusion GPS is named in this New York Times article as being the opposition firm that was hired to compile the dossier on Trump:
A quick google search for Fusion GPS brought me to this article:
Politico & NYT Fail to Mention Report Exonerating Planned Parenthood Produced By Democratic Opposition Research Firm
It seems Planned Parenthood commissioned a “forensic report” to analyze the undercover videos that have got the organization in trouble for harvesting and selling fetal organs, and leaked it to Politico.
But one other detail caught my eye that bears mentioning: “The report by research firm Fusion GPS, which was obtained by POLITICO, attempts to undermine the videos’ political, legal, and journalistic value.”
Just who, exactly, is behind Fusion GPS? Turns out it’s an opposition research firm with ties to the Democratic party and has a history of harassing socially conservative Republican donors, possibly on behalf of the Obama campaign:
Planned Parenthood hires fmr. lobbyist for sheikh who burned American flag during wartime

A few outlets even referred to the firm that conducted the analysis, Fusion GPS, as an “independent research firm” – although Planned Parenthood paid the organization an undisclosed sum of money for its findings.
However, Fusion GPS is a Democratic-leaning political opposition research firm whose founder was once the registered lobbyist of a Middle Eastern sheikh known for burning the American flag during a time of war.
Glenn Simpson – the chief spokesman exonerating Planned Parenthood this week – has led efforts to smear a private businessman who supported traditional marriage, made allegations that led to a multi-year witch hunt against the Christian Coalition, and ginned up dubious “intelligence” as part of a sheikh’s “bloodless coup” to weaken the alliance between the U.S. and his brother.
Oppo Firm Behind Trump Dossier Is Also A Hired Gun For Planned Parenthood

The opposition research firm that hired a former British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump is the same shady outfit that was hired by Planned Parenthood to put a positive spin on videos showing the sale of baby parts.
The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Washington D.C.-based Fusion GPS is the firm that hired Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the salacious but unsubstantiated 35-page Trump dossier that was published by BuzzFeed on Tuesday.
Read more:
Here is a little more on Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. Seems he formed another company as well (maybe before Fusion? Not sure):
March 23, 2009
Categories: Wall Street Journal
Two WSJ reporters launch new company
Wall Street Journal reporters Sue Schmidt and Glenn Simpson are leaving the paper to launch a new company where they’ll do investigative work for private clients.
It’s a big loss for the Journal, and could be a harbinger of things to come, as investigative reporters dealing with less space in major newspapers begin looking outside the industry.
In addition to the new company, SNS Global LLC, the two top journalists will also be affiliated with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, a nonprofit foundation focused on security issues. (Former Washington Post investigative reporter Douglas Farah, who’d covered the Colombian drug war and African blood diamonds, is also at the IASC)

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28 thoughts on “Fusion GPS – The firm that came up with the Fake Trump report is also the firm that claimed the Planned Parenthood Videos were Deceptively Edited

  1. If Men could get pregnant, NONE of this Hue& Cry over Planned Parenthood would exist. None. Give this BS a rest. WOMEN NEED PLANNED PARENTHOOD! It does far more for Woman’s health then ANY MAN protesting it or calling for it’s demise. Repeal and Replace blah, blah blah, New meme :”REPLACE with WHAT?” I get it needs of Women are secondary to Wants of Men.

    • Women don’t NEED Planned Parenthood- they NEED an OB/GYN! Get out of the hood and make some money before F’ing! God knows that if you’re not black it’s a whole lot cheaper to be responsible and not sh*t out a bunch of kids you can’t afford… MESSAGE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY: HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT AND GET THE FAMILY BACK TOGETHER! It will do wonders!!!

      • More White Women use Planned Parenthood then Black. More White People on Welfare then any other Minority Group. Yah, you are right Blacks should show respect for family. It’s just that We were taught Family Values by White Slave Owners. You know, Preaching God and Superiority while impregnating at will their “Property”.
        The Poorest of Women need Planned Parenthood. Only Men like you and you Racist brethren equate PP with only Blacks and Abortion.
        To believe You know anything outside of your Racist little World. Would be to believe that ALL Trump voters/supporters where/are White Racists. We aren’t ALL White nor Racist. Sadly, you clearly are! TTFN.

        • Of course more white women would be patients. Blacks only make up 12% of the population. You said, in part, “We were taught…”. Enough of the bullshit and learn some self-respect. I can assure you that you never knew a slave here in America, your mother never knew a slave here in America, and neither did your grandmother. What’s worse, you know absolutely NOTHING about slavery in America except the nonsense you hear ignorantly repeated over and over and over again. The very FIRST slave owner in our America, formerly colonial America, was a BLACK man named Anthony Johnson. His slave’s name was John Casor. The courts did not allow whites to hold slaves back then, only indentured servants. However, I’m sorry to say legislation changed that in 1670. Although there were many good and decent slave owners similar to those that hired “domestic live-ins” today, we know historically that some slave owners were brutal and that is a terrible stain on our history. But look at it another way. Had they not been brought here, right, wrong or indifferent, today you’d be speaking Swahili, Zulu, Yoruba or one of the other 1,500 African languages. Fall on your knees and thank them in prayer !!

          • You obviously get paid by the letter here. Whats wrong with speaking languages other then English? It makes doing Business with other Countries that much easier. It’s also a sign of higher intellect. While broadening your customer base.
            First Slave Traders were Jewish. First REAL Slave owners were White and they called it Indentured Servitude. However, when Whites took off, they could easily assimilate into General Population. Unlike Africans who are Black. It wasn’t Blacks that started the “Feminist Movement” either destroying the Family Model as it grew. Mayberry No more, nor Father Knows Best either.
            I wish I could speak even one of those 1500 plus languages. Sorta like my Manager who speaks 3 and Her Lawyer Daughter speaks 7. But, I would guess you don’t own a Passport and won’t be traveling to Europe ( I suspect your roots are there?) anytime soon either. Since they speak many different languages there too. Does that make Europe backwards too?
            Love it when Ignorant White Males speaks for Women!

          • Nothing wrong with it; I’m a multilinguist. First slave traders were Portugese. Indentured servitudes were contracted employees, not slaves. — John Casor was the first ever “slave for life” as declared by the courts in 1655. Perhaps you might research his life history. By 1699, there were so many blacks it prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered their repatriation back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. It was their choice and obviously they believed the best alternative. So as I previously said, get on your knees and thank God they did what they did and preceded you by centuries. — The “feminist movement” was gender based, not racial. — I have no desire to leave this country at this time. I’ve filled over 2 passports until they stopped stamping them in the mid ’90’s. However, over the decades I did my fair share of Europe, Asia and Africa. —- I also have no desire to waste any more of my valuable time on this so do not expect a reply if you write more drivel.

          • Wow, appreciate the White Washing of Slavery thx. Your “valuable time?” Really? You just made a ton of money responding. I get it, p-a-i-d b-y t-h-e l-e-t-t-e-r!

    • Don’t want to shock you but most of the women I know want PP defunded. It’s not a gender issue; it’s an intelligence vs ignorance issue. It’s a respect for life vs murder issue. Men and women don’t give a hoot about what you do with your body. However, most of us do care about what you do with your unborn child’s life. Women do not need PP. All they need is an Ob-Gyn followed by a pediatrician and/or an adoption agency !!

      • Ones who are no longer of “Child bearing age” seem to think it’s their time to take away what they had access to when they were young. Funny, how when menopause occurs they seem to forget they had abortions too. It is a gender issue when it’s a group of loud mouth baby making Men leading the charge. Oh, little Snowflake is freedom of health care service too much for you?
        You adopt a bunch of kids yet? Lead by example, not from behind….Your keyboard!

        • No need to adopt; raised 5 of my own. I nor my friends would ever have considered killing an innocent unborn child. There are too many couples out there unable to have their own who are all too willing to adopt.

          • Hope they weren’t the result of incest, rape, your not a child yourself and obviously your life wasn’t threatend by any of those pregnancies. Good for you, you get a Family. Not everyone is You. You can still adopt.

      • Well, most of the women you know are probably brainwashed members of the Christian Right. Who cares about “the women you know.” Does that make you an expert on polling the general public? MOST women do NOT want Planned Parenthood defunded.
        They offer services to men and women. Only 3% of their services are for abortions. You people have been brainwashed hook, line and sinker. It’s called “propaganda.” You might want to look it up. For the record I am a WHITE lesbian who never has a need for an abortion- and to your other argument, my family came here in the early 1900’s and never had slaves either. I mean, why even bring that up?
        You people are laughable.

        • I find food when it’s time to eat. Amazing how I’ve survived without food insurance. I guess I’ll starve when I can no longer get my own food. I take the same approach to medicine. It’s my responsibility to heal just as it’s my responsibility to feed myself.
          When I no longer can do those things, death is my option.

          • So you use the ER because you don’t want to pay for Healthcare? Great! It drives up the cost for those of of Us who do. Thx. Freeloader.

          • Our greatest hope once the GOP repeals the ACA would be for them to send the failed government medicine idea back to the states. Then, when the failed state of California dumps all of its refugees onto Texas, they would be tattooed or somehow branded so everyone knew that they were entitled babies and prohibited from serving in public office.

          • Freeloader! Keep on going to the ER and raising costs for the rest of Us who actually pay. You are not entitled to freeload!

          • About three months ago, someone accused Trump of being a “corporate freeloader.” It’s clever because it twists the concept of responsibility on it’s head. Until then I would have been utterly lost had anyone decided to call me that.
            Clearly, we all want people to be independent and self-governed.
            We don’t want a ministry of adult diapers or a ministry of sexual satisfaction or a ministry of guaranteed nutrition. While toilet training, sex, and food are very important, they are also extremely personal and we all want our parents to be the ones to nudge us toward caring for ourselves.
            Medicine is no different. And it’s just as shameful for the US Democratic party to foist medicine into the public arena as a “human right” as it would be if they did that for adults who refused toilet training, refused to feed themselves, and refused to govern their sexual proclivities.
            But, if that’s where you’re headed and you want to confuse everyone opposed to your idea, best accuse them of “freeloading” as the utter insanity will keep them all guessing until it’s much too late.
            Remember, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”

          • Like I said: Freeloader! Thats what you are. You are the reason ORomoneycare works so well for Millions of HARD WORKING AMERICANS!
            New Meme: REPLACE WITH WHAT!

          • Tell that to the 93 million Unemployed Americans. Who now have healthcare and because of “freeloaders” like yourself, are about lose it. FREELOADER! You are still the one.

  2. This article is such bullshit. How can you even look yourself in the mirror. Haven’t we had enough of the fake news that ruined our country?

  3. You all seem to forget P.P. was founded by Sanger who advocated for the killing of all blacks not unlike Hitler exterminating the Jews and others that disagreed with him. As we have progressed medically there are many ways to prevent pregnancies such as tubal ligation and the pill. These are available to most women who want to use them through doctors and clinics that are available to them along with information on the procedures and how to prevent pregnancies. Women today do not need an abortion clinic such as P.P. that secretly aborted pregnancies as it was once illegal and non married women were shamed for being pregnant for any reason. The need for P.P. has long been abolished by sensible medical treatments for all women. P.P. hires unskilled doctors in unsafe conditions and lies to many about the “safe” procedure they provide. Many have died on their tables or waiting for an ambulance to take them to the safety of a hospital because of a botched procedure. If the federal funds given to this unnecessary, unsafe organization were provided to the clinics and hospitals it would lower their costs and that of healthcare and prevention. Planned Parenthood is an organization that began for the wrong reasons and is an outdated scam used by the left to continue aborting races unwanted by the leaders behind it. Abolishing P.P. would save the lives of many women and unfortunately stop the paychecks of those promoting this scam.
    Planned Parenthood Salaries
    Job TitlePlanned Parenthood SalaryClinical Assistant – Hourly$13.64/hrHealth Center Manager$54,279Health Center Assistant – Hourly$14.09/hrNurse Practitioner – Hourly$47.58/hrCecile Richards – President $590,928
    Find the rest of these exorbitant wages here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/12/24/report-taxpayer-funded-planned-parenthood-ceo-cecile-richards-salary-40-percent-since-2011/

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