Gasoline Prices Pass All Time High Yet Again

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by Chris Black

Remember this one?

Fast forward 2 months.

We really showed Putin, didn’t we?

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Gas was $2.40 when Biden took office, 13 months later it was $3.40, then in a few days after Biden got involved in the Russia/Ukraine debacle with sanctions,  it went up to $4.40.

A gas hike is an everything tax because everything is delivered using gas, hence food has also jumped about 30%.

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The rest of it is mostly just the 17% inflation, which will continue indefinitely as a result of lunatic money printing.

Meanwhile Russia is literally swimming in money and the Ruble is stronger than before the war.

And sane people are rare in our government.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that $40 billion is more than the government spent annually in Afghanistan.

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The total number of Ukraine aid is now$60 billion in 3 months.

Of course, $60 billion for “Ukraine” isn’t much compared to the $5 trillion these alleged people spent on “coronavirus.”


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