Gates Foundation Accused of ‘Dangerously Skewing’ Aid Priorities Promoting ‘Corporate

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They are among the richest people on earth, have won plaudits for their fight to eradicate some of the world’s deadliest and prolific killers, and donated billions to better educate and feed the poorest on the planet. Despite this, Bill and Melinda Gates are facing calls for their philanthropic Foundation, through which they have donated billions worldwide, to be subject to an international investigation, according to a controversial new report.

Far from a “neutral charitable strategy”, the Gates Foundation is about benefiting big business, especially in agriculture and health, through its “ideological commitment to promote neoliberal economic policies and corporate globalisation,” according to the report published by the campaign group Global Justice Now. Its influence is “dangerously skewing” aid priorities, the group says. The world is being sold a myth that private philanthropy holds many of the solutions to the world’s problems, when in fact it is pushing the world in many wrong directions,” the report claims.

The Gates Foundation is “being allowed to speak too loudly, and too many actors in international development are falling into line with the foundation’s misguided priorities.” The group accuse the Gates Foundation of:…22036.html

A Conversation with Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates #GOALKEEPERS17

GatesFoundation – Published on Sep 22, 2017

Bill and Melinda Gates engage President Barack Obama in a conversation focused on leadership and what all individuals can do to create a world of change. On September 20, 2017, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Goalkeepers, an event in New York City filled with inspiring stories driven by data, dedicated to accelerating world progress. Goalkeepers will help bring together a generation of determined thinkers, doers and givers to help hit the ambitious Global Goals targets, in whatever way they can.

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Put friendly pressure on leaders by telling good stories??? How about the leaders just telling the “TRUTH” Is Obama and the Gates Foundation trying to make the masses believe that what he did was good. What did Obama do bedsides bomb Libya, Syria, and take vacations. What can Americans and soldiers look at for the last eight years that Amercans are say thank you for??? What is better in the United States for the homeless, veterans, education, workforce, and incomes after Obama/Clinton eight years in office.

Being responsible???

Words and actions are what determine who we are and what we have done. Where are the water wells in all the third world villages where the children have been vacinated??? How can a child be healthy with a vaccine and no food and water??? Why isn’t the Gates Foundation choosing abortions over water wells and gardens for the poor. Hunger, homelessness, addiction, and pedophila are the probelms the world is having, not disease!!!!

What are the concerns of the Gates Foundation and Obama???

Deep State warning about airborne epidemic…what is Obama saying???

What is Obama opinion of what should be done, that he didn’t do when he was in office. How can one president criticize another, when they haven’t even finished their term? The manmade river that took the people of Libya 15 years to build was bomed by Obama…a nation that was in peace is now in ruins and chaos. What can Obama say to the people when his actions have shown that nothing he did worked??? Obam “Change” was a failure…”Make America Great Again!”

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Deep State: Obama’s Carbon Colonialism/Corruption Continues (Part I)
By Paul Driessen and David Wojick — August 6, 2018

“Left elites fear that newly middle class families would want more stuff: real houses, cars, refrigerators, stoves, lights, and vacations to exotic locales now enjoyed mostly by climate conference attendees. All that would require taking more resources out of the ground, which would hurt Mother Earth.” “Indeed, the best way to ensure ‘climate resilience’ is to have strong economies, modern technologies, early warning systems, and modern infrastructures that are built to withstand nature’s onslaughts.”

It’s obscene enough when the multilateral anti-development banks do it. But Trump agencies?!?

In a prime example of Deep State revanchism, despite the profound change in administrations, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is still funding and advancing anti-energy Obama-era climate change dogmas and policies for developing countries. USAID handles tens of billions of dollars a year, roughly half of all US foreign aid, so this climate alarmism puts literally millions of lives at risk. USAID calls its “flagship” program “low emissions development.” Emissions of course means plant-fertilizing, life-giving carbon dioxide – but the term is intended to suggest dangerous climate changing pollution. The effect, if not the intent, is to:…ruption-i/


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