GENE MUNSTER: If Tesla doesn’t overhaul the board right now, it could spell the end for the company.

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via CNBC:

The best scenario is for Musk to stay at Tesla, but something has to change.

It seems the core problem for Musk and Tesla is that he’s surrounded by people unwilling or unable to stand up to him, as can easily happen with powerful people. At worst, this appears to be true of his board.

We think Tesla’s board needs an overhaul. There are too few independent directors and too many directors with long-term relationships to Musk as investors, overlap with other companies like SpaceX, family or otherwise. There’s no one on the board that has Musk’s ear to truly influence him to fix these self-inflicted wounds.

Top tech guru calls for a complete overhaul of Tesla’s board from CNBC.

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It’s an interesting piece, but what’s most interesting is that Munster has been bullish on Tesla for a long time now.




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