George Floyd had a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl in his system

by ratioetlogicae

See full autopsy report here:

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Links to studies showing 11ng/mL of fentanyl can be lethal:

  • Multiple Fentanyl Overdoses — New Haven, Connecticut, June 23, 2016
    • Serum samples from the hospitalized patients analyzed at UCSF demonstrated fentanyl levels of 0.5–9.5 ng/mL (Table 2) (therapeutic range for analgesia = 0.6–3.0 ng/mL) (4); postmortem levels in the first two patients who died were 11 ng/mL (patient E) and 13 ng/mL (patient I).

  • Fatalities caused by novel opioids: a review
    • 25 fatalities from fentanyl in Los Angeles, California (USA); Blood (f) 3.1–43 ng/mL (n = 13); blood (h) 1.8–139 ng/mL (n = 23); liver 5.8–613 μg/kg (n = 22)
    • 19 fentanyl fatalities in south western Virginia (USA); Blood 2–48 ng/mL (median 18 ng/mL)

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