George Soros Declares War on Supreme Court and Republican Party: “Enemies of Democracy”

US-Hungarian Billionaire George Soros declared war on the US Supreme Court and the Republican Party in an Op-Ed on his propaganda site Project Syndicate, on July 4th, of all days.

“The American public has been alarmed and aroused by the US Supreme Court’s growing extremism“, Soros claimed. “But voters need to recognize the Court’s radical majority for what it is: part of a carefully laid plan to turn the US into a repressive regime.“

Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, George Soros has leveraged $32 billion in “donations” for his influence-peddling system called “Open Society Foundations” to manipulate governments and market prices in the ultimate insider trading deal. Working with the EU and USAID, Open Society wages war on conservative governments around the world with so-called Color Revolutions, and bears key responsibility for the current war in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Soros has the chuzpah to claim that “democracy is now gravely endangered” by anyone who dares oppose him. While Soros correctly warns of the danger of autocratic regimes in Russia and China, his treasonous screed claims “the threat to the US from the domestic enemies of democracy is even greater.”

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For the Hungarian-born naturalized citizen, these “domestic enemies” include the current Supreme Court, “which is dominated by far-right extremists, and Donald Trump’s Republican Party, which placed those extremists on the Court.”

“There is only one way to rein in the Supreme Court: throw the Republican Party out of office in a landslide”, Soros writes, while acknowledging it will not be easy…


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