George Soros Is Taking The United States Of America, And WE Are Letting Him. I Thought WE Were Stronger Than This.

by Ruby Henley
George Soros is a billionaire gangster, who has stated his goal in life is to destroy Western civilization.  Why?  Just because he can.  He looks down upon the common man and laughs.  He steps on him like he would an ant.  In fact, he sees us as ants.  
Charlottesville has given him exactly what he wants, and although I have proven the link to the initial witness, Brennan Gilmore to Soros beyond a shadow of a doubt…no one cares.
The below article establishes the initial  connection:
Perriello’s campaign has its own bluegrass band, the Perriello Pickers, which includes Brennan Gilmore, Perriello’s chief of staff and founder of the band Walker’s Run, on guitar; Nate Leath, who at 11 years old took first place in the bluegrass fiddle category at the 1995 Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, Va.; Will Lee, a third-generation musician whose grandfathers played ragtime piano and clawhammer banjo, on banjo; Jay Starling, the son of Seldom Scene founder John Starling, on dobro banjo; and Walker’s Run veterans Andy Thacker on mandolin and Zack Blatter on bass. They play an earnest official campaign anthem and have gone into the studio with Davina Jackson, a gospel singer who attended elementary school with Perriello, to record a new version of it.
The following establishes Perriello’s connection to George Soros:
Perriello co-founded Avaaz with two colleagues who had helped him start an earlier nonprofit called Res Publica, which was aimed at promoting international justice on behalf of the religious left, as Perriello told the National Catholic Reporter in 2004. One of those colleagues, Ricken Patel, a Canadian, is now Avaaz’s executive director. The organization was formed in collaboration with, the Democratic online activist group that has received funding from billionaire George Soros — who also is a major Perriello campaign contributor.
Now here are the ties to Obama:
Tom Perriello, a former Virginia congressman and an ex-diplomat in the Obama administration, is set to shake up the Democratic primary in the highly anticipated 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race.
A Democratic source with knowledge of Periello’s plans confirmed them to CNN.
A second senior Democratic source said Perriello has informed Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, up until now the only announced candidate, of his intention to run.
The New York Times first reported Perriello’s plans, and official announcement could come as soon as Thursday. Perriello himself did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment.
Perriello confirmed his bid Thursday morning, tweeting: “I’m running for Governor. VA will remain the firewall vs Trump- our values worth defending:”

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How much more proof do we need to come together and to stop this movement and these evil rallies now?
Jason Kessler, the organizer for Charlottesville was an Obama supporter before 2016.  What does that tell you?  He is an instigator.
The Right needs to stop these rallies now!
We cannot allow any of these groups to take over our Country.
David Duke does not represent the Right!
But Antifa does represent the Left and George Sorors.
Black Lives Matter represents the Left and George Soros.
All these events and rallies are a setup for the Right!  Please don’t support these events.  They are initially sponsored by Soros.
The link has been proven.
Please stop, America, now!
Stop these rallies, for they will destroy this Country and hand it to George Soros on a silver platter.