The Bond APOCALYPSE Is Upon Us! – You Won't Believe The Latest News!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the crazy world of bonds as we see a massive crash quickly approaching us.
Currently, Italian junk bonds are yielding less than US Treasuries. This is dramatically alarming.
As countries throughout the world are reaching complete bankruptcy, even if they won’t come out and admit it, this development adds to the rightful concern people have.
Junk rated debt is giving us the same % return on investment as AAA rated US debt. The Eurozone has about €3 trillion in “junk debt”.
As the Eurozone struggles with bad southern debt they are continuously bailing out the bankrupted countries.
It’s absolutely insane that the Italian bad debt costs THE SAME as US debt. This is a great example of how manipulated the ECB’s interest rates are.
As we so often talk about, everything is manipulated today into oblivion. The fiat, centrally planned monetary system, the debt driven derivatives markets and the regulatory burdens on the markets and of course this insane bond apocalypse cannot be excluded from this global manipulative insanity.
This all comes right after cashless society kingpin Kenneth Rogoff claimed that interest rates are to go negative in the next crisis. We know the next crisis will come soon as all fiat system come crashing down.
The bubbles in the monetary system and markets throughout the world are ready to burst and we’re going to see something on an epic scale but we have to stay self sufficient and come out on top of all of this.
Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story!

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