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by Deplorable Patriot


     We now know that George Soros and the Open Society Foundation has been linked with Reddit employees in a mission to suppress Trump support groups on Reddit.

Current director of policy at Reddit, Jessica Ashooh.

      Jessica Ashooh is believed by some to be responsible for the account “arabscarab,” which has been leading the charge to shut down the Q Anon movement on the Reddit platform. The Great Awakening, the second-largest pro-Trump subreddit. Ashooh started working for Reddit after an executive stint at the George Soros-funded Atlantic Council, which is also reportedly funded by the Chinese.

     We also have a D list Free Lance reporter.  D list rating being a gift on my part.     Click link  below tweet to see where he admits to being connected  to the Clinton Foundation in the comment section.

Rob Rousseau,

“I don’t always love working at reddit but personally getting to shut down the qanon sub because they were getting too close to exposing the truth was pretty special.”

This is the same guy that said  the following, 

“I would rather my daughter dated a member of  MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party”

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Here is additional information that I have discovered

      Various techniques to attack Trump support groups have been discovered and made public in the recent past. That is a whole conversation on its own so I will not get into that.. I would just like to add 1 more method to the list. It’s a tool to assist individuals with their effort to take down various subreddits and individuals. This tool is called the SES, Soros Enhancement Suite. Information to what is in SES is limited. Access to the information is at a location that is private. Invite only. I know of it’s existence because of the following screenshot.

This is what you will find on the page. Here is the link,

Request for feedback: SES upgrades and release planning from TopMindsOfReddit

     Now we know that technology linked to Soros is actually a reality. We also no know with absolute certainty that r/TopMindsOfReddit is promoting it. But who is using the technology? We’ve herd rumors that there are people that get paid to disrupt Trump support subreddits. These individuals often brag about what they are doing and how they receive payment from Soros. When we confront them, they claim they are “joking and it’s irony.” Whatever. The following screenshot is part of what I have discovered. What you see here is A ledger that dates back 8 months. It’s a pay ledger which shows payments along with members that received payments. Notice the Open Society Bot . Bots are portable AI’s that can be programmed to do various tasks.

See also  Doing your own Research is Misinformation according to CNN. Can we make George Orwell fiction again?

Here is link to ledger,


     Now we have have proof of transactions being made and some of the individuals paid. I should also tell you that if an individual were to read the page, top to bottom including all comments, there is more than enough evidence to support my claims. This applies to all screenshots I provide. You might ask, “what are they paid with?” Let me introduce you the the “Sorosbux”

This is what you will find on page.  Here is link,

Introducing SorosBux, a centralized decentralized pre-mined fiat cryptocurrency for all your shilling needs. from neoliberal

 Here is the page that links you to everything.

In the comment section you will  find “If your payment is overdue, write an email to

Updates regarding CTR payments, and general reminders about getting paid from neoliberal


     You will notice that it mentions to get a “waves” account to withdraw your funds. I followed their instructions and set up an online wallet. These are some of the various way to cash out at “Waves.”

Here is link to set up account,

     That about covers it.  There is definitely some there there.  I believe this says just about all you need to know.  This is what I was able to release.  I have a whole lot more information that takes us deeper into the rabbit hole.  Please have a good day.

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Respectfully ,

Deplorable Patriot


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