George Soros Sold A HUGE Amount of Stocks Right BEFORE the October Crash!

Some investors have excellent timing. Most do not. But if you were on the inside and knew what would happen before it does, you would probably have good foresight. Whether or not Soros knew a crash was coming, seems like he had impeccable timing, doesn’t it? Equities, in particular FANG stocks, had a spectacular rise up until this point and there has certainly been some profit taking which was expected. Let’s dig into what happened exactly.

Do you think that Soros knew that something was about to happen?


George Soros Sold Facebook Stock Just Before It Tumbled – Barron’s

SEC FORM 13-F Information Table


Soros Fund Management LLC Top Holdings 13F Filings

Soros Fund Management Llc – 13F Filing – September 30, 2018 –