George Soros Spends $52 Million on 2020 Election Cycle layers of PACs in order to obscure his role as a political benefactor:

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According to Open Secrets, Democracy PAC raised $51,635,003 in 2020, of which it has spent $48,091,590. Its beneficiaries are all left-wing and partisan Democrat PACs, including Senate Majority PACPriorities USA ActionWin Justice PAC, Illinois Justice & Public Safety PAC, Supermajority PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, and Pacronym.

The Washington Free Beacon described the layers of PACs through which Soros’s dollars travel before arriving at their end destination in order to obscure his role as a political benefactor:

The liberal billionaire is taking steps to obscure his election spending this cycle. In the past, he made donations to groups directly in his own name. This cycle, he has operated primarily by transferring tens of millions from the Fund for Policy Reform, a $750 million nonprofit in his sprawling Open Society Foundation network, into Democracy PAC. The PAC then disburses it to other Democratic PACs and committees. This arrangement allows Soros to keep his name from the top of donor lists. His $50 million in contributions makes him the largest donor of the 2020 cycle, though only $8 million is coming directly from him.

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