George Soros Wants To Regulate Facebook & Google! – Here's Why

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about George Soros’ recent comments in Davos at the World Economic Forum that he wants to see Facebook and Google more “stringently” regulated.
On top of the fact that Soros sees the need to regulate everything including the internet at the United Nations in favor of the Open Society Foundation, somehow he doesn’t notice the fact that people naturally decentralize their lives away from these ever growing centralized platforms.
Facebook and Google already censor people to an absurd rate. This is why people are moving to Steemit and DTube.
It’s just hilarious that Soros believes that regulating these sites will lead to more competition and innovation. What a joke. Regulation does the exact opposite of opening up the market to competition and innovation. When major monopolies are easily able to deal with regulations and taxes while smaller competition cannot, there’s no incentive for the major corporations to innovate. They don’t have to worry about better products.
This will simply progress towards freedom. These coercive statist manipulators aren’t long for this world. People are born free. The government can’t give people freedom, they can only take it away.

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