German parents being told to isolate their children at home in a separate room for two weeks, as young as three years old, even eating meals separate from them…

Some German parents have received orders to quarantine their children and isolate them from other family members — or face having them forcibly removed from home. A parents’ group said the demand amounted to “cruelty.”

At the end of July authorities sent home primary school children in the southwestern German town of Bruchsal after it emerged that their teacher turned out to be infected with COVID-19. In the western German district of Dreieich near Offenbach, a child of pre-school age was tested positive and sent home and the kindergarden shut down.

In both cases the children brought a note from the local health authority ordering the parents not only to make sure the children wore a mask at home but also to be completely isolated from other family members for the two-week quarantine period, including mealtimes.

If parents were found to disobey these orders, the note said, the children could be forcibly removed by authorities and quarantined in an isolation facility.

The NGO “Families in crisis” was founded by parents in the western states of Hesse and North-Rhine Westfalia to join forces in response to corona regulations. Its members posted the letters on twitter.

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I have a three year old niece and I could not imagine doing this to her. This is not human. Do you guys remember the commercials about hugs being necessary for a child’s development?

This says it’s actually good for their immune system to be hugged. Guys what the fuck are we doing. These kids are gonna be so damaged.

Stressful childhoods create trauma imprints that cause people’s body to attack themselves by constantly flooding them with the fight or flight chemicals that gives your body the ability to get out of danger. Their bodies cannot go into repair mode and the damages multiply. People can develop physical ailments and diseases simply based off the mental stress. This also causes a blunted cortisol response when they really need it.

The body keep the score is a really good book on this.

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