Giant Mound Builder Found in Indiana – Biggest Omission of US Information in History!

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by Thinker

A group of skeletons were found near South Bend, Indiana. At least one of them was a Giant Mound Builder. This was published on October 23, 1925 in the Evening News, San Jose, California. What is more interesting was the presence of a large amount of ore containing Silver or White Gold. The Giant was wearing a copper armor too. Where is this skeleton now?

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What happened to the giant race that once ruled America? Nephilim ?

Were gigantic skeletons believed to have come from some extinct race of giants really found in the heart of Indiana?

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Smithsonian’s Coverup of the Ancient GIANTS – Real History of America

How long will the lies and suppression of American and Global history be suppressed?

ANCIENT GIANTS existed – Best Full Documentary


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