GIULIANI: “Black Lives Matter Will Be Proven A Terrorist Organization”

Rudy Giuliani claims Black Lives Matter ‘will be proven to be a terrorist organization’ for its ties to radical activist who was a part of a terror group and pardoned by Bill Clinton

Rudy Giuliani has slammed New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s commission of a Black Lives Matter Mural outside Trump Tower and accused the group of being a terror organization.

Black Lives Matter is an organization run by three Marxists and financed by a convicted terrorist – who I happened to have convicted, who got 58 years in jail and got a corrupt pardon from Bill Clinton,’ Donald Trump’s lawyer Giuliani said on Hannity on Friday.

‘This is not a benign organization. I can’t say yet that we can prove it’s a terrorist organization. It’s certainly a violent organization and I believe in the course of time it will be shown to be a terrorist organization,’ he added.

TEXAS: Liberal Black Lives Matter Activists Swarm and Torment Daughter of Murdered Police Officer

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of liberal Black Lives Matter activists are tormenting the teenage daughter of a slain police officer on social media.

Savannah Chavez, the 18-year-old daughter of Officer Chavez, posted about her grief on Twitter shortly after the news broke.

Words cannot describe the pain I’m in, but I’m glad my dad is at peace. you were an amazing man and anyone who ever came across you knew that. I’m going to miss you so much. you died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. i love you daddy, see you soon,” Chavez wrote in her heartbreaking tweet, along with photos with her dad.

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Though most normal people responded to the distraught young woman with compassion and kindness, the left did not hold back on attacking her.

Many of the shocking and cruel tweets directed towards her were compiled and shared by the Nationalist Review. They included people saying that he “finally became a good cop,” now that he was dead, and worse. Others scolded her for daring to talk about his death, telling her “now is not the time or place” and to “read the room.”

National Review: Upshot of BLM Murdering Mom for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’: A Toddler Learned a Powerful Lesson About What Not to Say

Michael Brendan Dougherty
Senior Writer, National Review

The upshot of this story is that a three year old learned a
powerful lesson about what not to say.

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