Given the choice between truth and a lie, most people will choose the lie

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by Chris Black

General McGregor, USAF retired, indicated in a recent Fox News interview that the US is not capable of manpower sustainability in a European theater of war with Russians and even with NATO forces. 

He estimated that only 80k of 120k combat troops could be deployed.

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Why? Because people are leaving the military in droves, hence, the $50k sign on bonuses. The other reason that he stressed was that out of the 18-24 year olds volunteer pool only 1/3rd are qualified. The other 2/3rds are weak in mind and body, criminals, or drug addicts.

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He further stated that if we had to fight a two front war with China and Russia it would be horrendous for us.

Hardly news if you were paying attention to what’s happening to the US military in recent years.

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