Global Banks At Massive Risk of SYSTEMIC FAILURE as Stocks Down More Than 20%!

Do you believe that we will see banks on the brink of failure during the next financial crisis? Or are they safe now?

In one of the most volatile years on record, we are see a story split in two. Depending on the information you acknowledge, stocks are looking weak, the economy is struggling, and the fear of contagion is very high. If you choose to ignore reality, there are a handful of statistics that look quite modest. But you didn’t want to be lied to, did you?


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Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

Stocks broke key level and could aim for the year’s low

After the most volatile year on record, strategist sees more to come

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Saudi Arabia Pumps Up Stock Market After Bad News, Including Khashoggi Murder – WSJ


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