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The Hike that Breaks the Market’s Back

As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest …

CNBC3 hours ago
The federal government could soon pay more in interest on its debt than it … The deficit is expected to total nearly $1 trillion next year — the first time it has been …

China’s illegal local debt pile grows as Beijing looks to infrastructure to …

South China Morning Post5 hours ago
The size of implicit debt accumulated in the past three years is estimated by private analysts to be 20-50 trillion yuan (US$2.9 trillion to US$7.3 trillion), …

Fiscal Watchdog: States’ Unfunded Liabilities Grow to $1.5 Trillion

The Epoch Times15 hours ago
24 seeks to cut through the jargon of financial reports. The nonprofit found the combined taxpayer burden of “unfunded state debt” to be $1.5 trillion for the 2017 …

Calpers Chief Faces Short-Term and Long-Term Liabilities

Wall Street Journal4 hours ago
Estimates of governments’ total unfunded promises to workers range from … the funding gap is straining taxpayers and putting pension promises in jeopardy.


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