Global Cooling Reducing Food Supply

by Martin Armstrong

What food is not hit by various Pandemic diseases, the weather seems to be wiping out the rest. In Germany, farmers have experienced 42% less crop in fruit in 2017 compared to 2016. According to the Federal Statistical Office, all crops are affected by drastic losses due to extreme cold. The reason is being attributed to the strong night frosts from the end of April in 2017. Everything from pears to cherries has been affected.
I myself had some Bird of Paradise plants in my front yard. It turned very cold here in Florida for a night or two. All four of my plants died.
Global Cooling is far more dangerous than Global Warming. It is amazing the propaganda machine they use seems bent on making sure we are not prepared.

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2 thoughts on “Global Cooling Reducing Food Supply”

  1. Global cooling via the HAARP machines…..and Chemtrails……all so that humans must buy more fuel to stay warm!!!! The Arctic vortexes are man made to ensure that the atmosphere is cooling not warming like they lie to you…..


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