Globalism is scam which leads us into downright Dystopia

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by Reignoffire9

It’s simply like this.

Oligarchs who run global corporation don’t want to hire expensive local people who wanna be treated as human, so they move to poorer countries where children work for 1 dollar.

Also they wanna destroy poor countries to gain some political/economical gains or to sell weapons, and they expect us to accept refugees they bombed. Stop bombing those countries, then refugees won’t need to flee to other countries.

Do you really think Chinese stuff is cheap? They make cheap stuff for cheap price, it’ll easily break and be outdated early as much cheap as it is. Oh and if you can’t get hired, what’s the use of cheap stuff? Don’t you wanna get hired by local companies and be able to buy a bit pricy better stuffs?

And inflation makes everything expensive everyday, even chinese stuffs.

So quality of merchandize get downgraded every year, price soars, as the global corporations migrate to poorer countries.

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Adding on top of all these, oligarchs keep causing wars in unfortunate countries making those people flee to us, but we’re already having too difficult life to accept other unfortunate people.

Then here PC barges in, ‘love your neighbors and accept those poor people!’

Well, stop bombing those people in the first place you hypocrite elites!

Globalism in a nutshell, don’t hire your own people because they are expensive. Hire slaves in other countries, then sell products for reasonably cheaper-looking price but not actually that cheap anymore. And idolize those CEOs who profit from this, because it’s purely your fault you can’t get rich or buy a house.

If we say ‘but getting job is difficult and wage is too low’ then baby boomers cue in, ‘it’s all your fault you lazy millennials(and sometimes gen-x) who don’t appreciate anything!’


The nature of business is brutal. It only cares about profit, not humans.

While we called our blooming economy in 90’s as ‘blessing’, our planet Earth called it ‘producing plastic garbages and destroying ecological balance’

Also free trading is being blocked as so many countries try to sell their resources, while they don’t wanna buy.

Now the economy isn’t even blooming, after all middle classes get destroyed and people live on minimum wage, who’d gonna buy all the product manufactured? That’s when 1% rich start to realize they can’t milk dead cow. It’s global problem that factories have unsold products sitting in their warehouse now and it’s one of reasons of economy recession.

Low labor cost? Those workers are the ones who buy products companies made.


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