Globalist Dinks in Ontario Canada: Every house should have a solar panel, and electric vehicle AND a “residential battery”


If every home has a solar panel, an electric vehicle and a residential battery, it becomes a generating station, a decentralization that’s not only more environmentally friendly, but also relies less on “monopolized utilities,” Sachs said.

“energy storage” comes in all kinds of already available systems – like coal, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, natural gas, etc.

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You don’t have to mine lithium and copper and other metals to get a system that takes power to create this “stored energy” – it’s already available as stored energy.

When you read crap like this you know that they cannot actually believe this garbage – they are blowing smoke up your a**.
The bottom line is that they want everyone living in government approved apartment or condo buildings. Privately owned homes will be illegal. Except for the pigs.
Some animals are more equal than others.




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