Globalist Kingpin Soros Wants Full Censorship Of The Internet

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Alex Jones reveals George Soros’ creeping control of the internet through his financial support. Soros is now calling for all criticism of the EU and pro Brexit speech to be censored.
Sunday, Feb. 18th – Mueller Indicts Russians, Trump Cleared! – FBI Special Counsel Mueller indicted 13 Russians in connection to a “troll farm” meant to disrupt American politics since 2014, once again showing no collusion between Russia and Trump campaign. The president torched the FBI in a tweetstorm, saying the agency would’ve likely caught the Florida shooter sooner if they hadn’t spent so much time on the phony Russia probe. Also, liberals and the mainstream media are pushing gun control once again in the wake of the tragic Florida shooting. On today’s show, we’ll discuss the FBI fallout, and why the establishment is so determined to take our firearms. Tune in!……

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6 thoughts on “Globalist Kingpin Soros Wants Full Censorship Of The Internet

  1. Soros needs to be issued an international arrest warrant and tried for his crimes against the peoples of this planet and then sumarilly executed on TV and then followed by every globalist on this planet.

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