Globalist Myths and the Agenda They Serve

by Mark Angelides

Globalist Ideology has infested every aspect of modern Government and multi-national corporations; and what’s worse is that it has seeped through to the lives of real people. But the idea that a Globalist society is for the benefit of the many is a myth, and the reality is that Globalist practices have failed in almost every regard.
Politicians say that Globalism is the only way forward as we are naturally becoming a more “integrated” world; they claim that is not a contrived action but merely a side product of working with other countries on trade and security issues. If this were truly the case, then why do they need the entire MSM to be cheerleaders for the politics and policies they push?
The truth is that in the 1950s there were around 100 recognized Nations, and since then this number has almost doubled. We are not “naturally” coming together as nations in the spirit of cooperation; we are in reality, setting out borders that protect self-interest.
Some say that Globalization started with Christopher Columbus because his “discovery” opened up trade routes and trading more than any other historical event, but this only applies if you see Globalization merely trade. But it is much more than that. It involves “pooled sovereignty”, free trade agreements that are protectionist in nature, the free flow of capital, goods and people, and the sharing of laws through treaties, accords and “agreements”.
The Myth tells us that the free movement of capital increases equality and the lives of others in less advantaged nations, but according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2007, they said:” inequality levels may have been increased by the introduction of new technology and the investment of foreign capital in developing countries.”
Many believe that trade deals only came into being for America with NAFTA in 1994, but “developed” nations have been either using or moving towards deals like TTIP (or the US version TTP) since at least the Treaty of Paris in 1951 (later redone as the treaty of Rome, then the Maastricht Treaty, and its present incarnation the Lisbon Treaty). One of Paris Treaty’s main architects was one Jean Monnet, and its openly declared intention was to create a United States of Europe.
In some ways, Globalization DOES create more equality between nation states; it does so by making the richer state poorer and the poorer state richer. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both blamed NAFTA for destroying American jobs and spoken of the need for urgent reform; the key point here being “American Jobs”. It does, in fact, increase jobs in other countries…This is Globalism, or as even heroes of the Left have described it:”a race to the bottom”.
Globalism is not for the people. This is the truest aspect of it. It IS for those in government, it IS for Supranational organizations, and it IS for large companies to create larger profits. It IS NOT for the benefit of actual people who are carried along on the whim of the next Globalist fantasy.