Google finally boots us from its ad platform

by Chris Black
We got booted by Google from its ad platform due to “dangerous or derogatory content”, whatever that means.
More precisely, a big chunk of high paying ads are no longer serving because google booted us from their platform, i.e we are getting a lot less ad revenue.
 We are working hard to look for alternatives but I believe the damage is done and permanent.
We are now more than ever in need of reader donations to fund our operation.
Authoritarian regimes, such as the US regime, do not want people to be informed.
Controlling the narrative is the name of the game in any dictatorship.
If you want to keep reading uncensored news, please consider donating to IWB on a monthly basis.
Wish us luck, we will stay online for as long as we can, as freedom of speech is departing the Western World.
Please consider making a small donation here.

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