Got EBT while making 1.2k every two weeks on unemployment.

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by AC

Even I’ll admit it’s gotten out of control. Decided to apply for EBT just to see what happened. Didn’t lie on my application at all. I put I make 1.2k every two weeks on unemployment, that my rent was 800 per month with utilities included.

After applying I get a call from a case worker, no lie, 15 minutes after I submitted online. He states that it says you make about 2.4k per month and your rent is 800? Then says you have a good amount of income after your housing bills for groceries.

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Then he says oh, hold on a second. Your on unemployment and getting the extra 300 from the fed government each week correct? I said yes. He goes, oh that doesn’t show up in your income we have for you in the computer, only what you get from the state shows up, so it’s not counted. Next day I was approved for 159 per month in EBT for 12 months as a single household with no kids.

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I didn’t even need EBT, and my answers should of disqualified me when I put down the income I got and they ignored income just to give it to me anyway. That’s really fucked up.

My intention honestly was just to see what happened, but I’ll be honest, now that I have it I’m not going to just let it go to waste so some illegal can use it.


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